The Wish

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"Can a bigger falling star make a bigger wish come true?"

This small 'game poem' will let you find out. If you are not happy with the ending, go ahead and wish again. You might get surprised :).

'The Wish' is the result of a short game jam in which we have tried to present the media 'game' in a more distinctive and esthetic way.

Good luck!

Use your mouse to collect as many stars as possible, while avoiding the red and evil clouds.

Thank you all for your great feedback to this small and special project of us!
For all of you who interested in the music:
It was written & performed by 'Jan Maru' Napitupulu during the jam and especially for this game. Right now there is no official download version for it, because it will be part of his first album, which he is planning to produce as a "Kickstarter" project.
If you like to support 'his wish' :) or just want to stay informed about the progress, send a mail to thewish@beardshaker.com or join us on Facebook www.facebook.com/Beardsha kerGames .


Alright, this isn't a game. Let's just set that on the table right off the bat. There isn't gameplay here; there's no action, no adventure, you don't gain experience or build stats or grow and develop as a character. Nothing like that. The argument exists that those aren't the mechanics of a game, that a game can be more than that and people are constantly pushing the definition of what a game is to its limits, but I'm just going to cut that abstract Dadaist bullshit off right there, because fuck you. It's not fun to "play", which is really all there is to it. It's just a thing. You gather some dots real quick, and then guide your collected dots through a zigzag maze; it's pretty much a children's place mat from Friendly's animated. It isn't played so much as it is experienced. It's a little bit completely fucking terrible that it gets called a game when it's more of an interactive movie or some such garbage. It's indie artsy as all get out and sickeningly sweet. I was legitimately peeved when it was over, mostly because I thought that there would be more, or that I'd be doing some Icey Tower/Doodle Jumper platformer bullshit as an anthropomorphic star in order to jump from the top and grant some kid a wish or something. You know, something that could be construed as a game.

However, judging it on the merits of tone, atmosphere, and all that fancy critic nonsense that essentially equates to "how this makes you feel inside", it's pretty nice. It's short and sweet, it has a great song playing in the background, and it's just sentimental enough without being overly sappy.

There isn't a lot of content here to review. You want a game? You'll be disappointed, just as I was. But that isn't to say it isn't an enjoyable experience. Moving past my disbelief and anger towards this... story told through an interactive electronic medium, at how it wasn't, you know, an actual game, I have to begrudgingly admit that I kind of liked it. It was... nice, I guess, I don't know. Really, it'll probably take you longer to read this stupid review than to experience the damn thing yourself, which I guess is a pretty good indicator that I should shut up now.

ok game is good (but it should be a ART game not a adventure....)
anyway what the name of the music ?

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BeardshakerGames responds:

Thanks for you feedback! :)
Do you mean the art section of Newgrounds or the genre setting of the game? Because I can't find the genre 'art' in the game settings, that's why we have chosen the adventure setting.
The music is written & performed by Jan from our development team during the jam especially tailored for this game. More details can be found above in the author comments.

For someone who really needs a wish to come true more than anything right now, this certainly hit home.

Simple, sweet and charming. The music fits perfectly and sounds incredible. The art is easy on the eyes and holds a sense of something mystical within.

Love it.

BeardshakerGames responds:

This makes us happy! Thanks! :)

this is an iteractive piece of art isnt it ? this is beautifull,the art,the music,and all that,but the gameplay,is pretty boring...

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It was cute..

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Jul 17, 2012
10:33 AM EDT
Adventure - Other