The Wish

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"Can a bigger falling star make a bigger wish come true?"

This small 'game poem' will let you find out. If you are not happy with the ending, go ahead and wish again. You might get surprised :).

'The Wish' is the result of a short game jam in which we have tried to present the media 'game' in a more distinctive and esthetic way.

Good luck!

Use your mouse to collect as many stars as possible, while avoiding the red and evil clouds.

Thank you all for your great feedback to this small and special project of us!
For all of you who interested in the music:
It was written & performed by 'Jan Maru' Napitupulu during the jam and especially for this game. Right now there is no official download version for it, because it will be part of his first album, which he is planning to produce as a "Kickstarter" project.
If you like to support 'his wish' :) or just want to stay informed about the progress, send a mail to thewish@beardshaker.com or join us on Facebook www.facebook.com/Beardsha kerGames .


not so quality, its just 20 seconds of bad gameplay with no results, score, endings, or anything

BeardshakerGames responds:

Yeah, you're right. The 'gameplay' is small. In our next project like this, we'll try to inject more gameplay aspects. Thanks for the feedback!

Nice art, but what kind of game is only 30 seconds long? Give us a story, and some point to the game. It seems like this was probably made as just a concept, go back and make a full game out of it please. I like your style and this has potential.

BeardshakerGames responds:

Thanks for your comment! ... and we agree: it is very short. Our game jam topic has been '60 seconds gameplay' so for this game the length fits perfectly :). But in the near future we will pick up the style and create another game like that, with more content in it. We hope to see you again then :).

i like the music... Wahts the name of this?

BeardshakerGames responds:

The song has been created by Jan during our game jam. It's original title is "Falling", but I think by now the song will be best known as "The Wish", so it propably renamed ;).... you can find more details about the msuic in the updated author comments section above.

I liked this. No real competition or sweating not to die. I enjoyed the atmosphere and laid-back feel of the game. Just gather some stars and make a wish.

To agree with one common complaint, I'd like to see the star with a greater potential for visual size increase, as it felt like it had two sizes. The point is to make a bigger star, but it felt as though there were only two visual sizes. Also, the point at which you are dodging clouds, it might be nice to randomize that section a bit.

Overall, nice work. Thank you for a chance to relax.

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BeardshakerGames responds:

We appreciate your feedback, thanks! Actually the star is growing dynamically in more then two sizes, but i see your point: the minimum and the maximum size should be more distinctive the see the difference. We'll keep your remarks in mind, if we are working on a more polished version. :)

To people that didn't like this submission for whatever reason, think of it not as a game but as an e-card: instead of wasting your time with redundant activities it is supposed to deliver positive feelings to you. Good art, good music. 5 stars.

BeardshakerGames responds:

Thank you for your support and backup! :)

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3.55 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2012
10:33 AM EDT
Adventure - Other