Super Mario Bros SMASH E1

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The first episode in the Super Mario Bros SMASH series. This episode focuses on Bowser taking over Mushroom Kingdom. The series will be how the Mario gang retakes it. The series is not based off of Dragon Ball, even though the fighting style will be similar.

This took almost a full year to make and much learning. This is my first full-length animation. It runs for 10-12 minutes approximately. If you have a problem with the voices according to the mouth movement, it's probably your internet speed. This file size is huge and I had to remove the intro to be able to put it on here.

[Note]: Mario's reference to the Toadstools refers to the royal line, not the Toad species.

You can view the intro here http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/575523



need to work on the graphics a bit but good storyline hope to see more

I loved the storyline in this! Keep it up. Wanna see more parts :)

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Joe-You-Know responds:

Thanks, I appreciate the compliment. I really like your work, Viva La Mario was amazing.

Not bad. I'm also going to do a series like this, but you should try to work it a little.

Still, horrible graphics. :( This kind of got boring, and the moving of characters when their talking bugs me, and the next episode must be better. Work hard on the next episode and keep up the great work! :D

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Well the animation is sub-par and so is the voices. But adding voices did make it better to watch and I'm actually interested in seeing what happens.

Joe-You-Know responds:

Thanks, I will try to make the sprites better. And in further note , for the next episode, I have the voices recorded already, but this time we were able to build a sound room. So it should be much better. I hope you enjoy the series more in the future. As, hopefully, I will progress as an animator. :D

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Jul 16, 2012
3:06 PM EDT