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Here's my take on the endless side-scrolling score-chaser. Tallboy is one of those characters that shouldn't exist...but here he is.

It's simple: Eat and get taller. The taller you are, the bigger your score multiplier. Also, collect the black+white trophies on the way!

EDITS: Thanks for your comments h8rs! I've made a few edits to the game. Balanced it to be more difficult.
EDIT EDIT: Apparently the changing background made it run slow sometimes? Anyways I put it back.

inb4 tallboy as phallic symbol.


This is a well-executed concept, with a few select flaws. I think that, if you ever ended up porting this to a mobile device, it would be a hit. As a reviewer, I'd like to detail a few issues I had with the game as it stands.

1. While some of the brighter backgrounds work fine, a few of them, such as the cityscape with the bouncing buildings, are a little too muted, causing the beautiful artwork to fade against Tallboy. They're nearly indistinguishable sometimes.

2. The music. It was very, very pretty music, with a strong beat. Gathering food, jumping, and ducking were more difficult because enemies and food often didn't follow the rhythm. It'd be more immersible if you paced food drops and enemies to match the music (which could be really boring and hard or really easy, I dunno.)

3. The ground. For some reason, I couldn't duck very well with the control key and had to use the mouse. The ground, though, is too short and I usually ended up flinging my cursor around the game title and losing track of Tallboy.

Great game, otherwise! Fun!

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its awsome when you get max highth you get 10 times the points and then i got a super mushroom thing. that is how i got first place

Nice timewaster, I really like the death sequence, and the background was pretty cool.

The controls felt a bit awkward though, I'd much rather use the UP/DOWN or X/Z keys for jumping/crouching. I realize that this game isn't really suitable for keyboard, since the mouse feels so much more natural, but I really think this would improve the playability.
Also, I don't know what button you use for mute, but most people tend to use either the M or 0 key, or both. I couldn't find the pause button either (you should put stuff like this in the little tutorialesque screen at the beginning of the game), most people tend to use either P or ESC.

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wtf is this crap?

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3.27 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2012
7:24 PM EDT
Skill - Collect