Slave to Pleasure

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18/07/2012: Here's a CG from this fine lady in her next "Slave to Pleasure" episode :D

http://www.newgrounds.com /art/view/fatelogic/the-o riginal-sin

15/07/2012: Daily 5th Place Award (wtf, I never thought my first short H-game would get a throphy to begin with, but thanks people! xD)

Well well, wasn't this a strange experience xD

As an erotic artist, I always wanted to see one of my characters on a hentai game, no matter how basic and short would it be. Thing is that, since I couldn't find a single flash programmer... I had enough and decided to do it by myself xD

The results are... well... heh...

My specialty is, was and will always be drawing xD Programming is a seriously hard topic for me, so for this being my first (and probably last... at least for some time) short game, I'm a little proud of it anyway.

I never had any kind of flash experience at all (or gamemaking in general), so this one was my little ''test subject'' for that. Keep in mind that I have less than two weeks of ''flash knowledge", and even then I came up with something that, for the seriously short and almost non-existent ammount of experience I had... I think it's... fappable at least (?)

Anyway, I was thinking on adding somewhat of a VN ADV short backstory, among some other features, but you'll have to deal with what I managed to do in these few days (I admit I've cut many ways... those replay buttons are just lame xD the fluids animation isnt the best one out there by far, and many many many other flaws that I could mention but you'll sure eventually find for yourselves :P... But I wanted to release it once and for all :s)

Anyway, enjoy it (or I hope you'll be able to do so), fap to it (if you feel like), feel free to send me a note if you find SERIOUS bugs or flaws (don't whine for the small stuff, I know it's there, I just didn't want to postpone this any longer) and stuff.


*Changing between choices may be a little delayed in some specific frames, but no big deal so far.
*No turn off/on music button... I'll deal with that... eventually... I guess... xD
*The mouse pointer wont become a finger when you hover through the buttons, but that doesn't means they dont work xD I've yet to find how to make it change properly, so I didn't risked it.

Rights n stuff:

Nym's rights belong to it's creator ''Fatelogic''(well... that's me, d'oh! xD)

The music track used in this game belongs to it's author, Kevin McLeod.

And I guess that there's no need to clarify that "Slave to Pleasure: The Black Box" game's rights belong to ''Fatelogic" as well...

Sigh... I'm dead tired xD Enjoy!

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This were the first game made from you that i played.
Sadly, i found this in a site where the all content were stoled, and i found you a couple years after that. Anyway, is good to return to the sauce.

Would love a sequel to this!

Nym's soooooo cute!!!!
also good art!

Oooohhhhh Boy Was This Something

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3.83 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2012
2:01 AM EDT
Simulation - Other
  • Daily 5th Place July 15, 2012