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During the final war between heaven and hell, one of Satan's demonic lieutenants, Loki, is captured by the angels and held prisoner in a black cell. Bound by the portals of fate, Loki must find a way to breach the defenses of heaven and escape back to the depths of hell. With some luck, skill, and the spectacles of Tommy Refenes, it will be no easy task. But Heaven cannot hope to imprison the demonic.

WASD / Arrow Keys -- Move
SPACE -- Fire (when you have the spectacles)
ESC / P -- Pause / Unpause
1,2,3 (Numpad Included) -- Use Corresponding Item

PS: Some items have special abilities. Try to figure out what an item does besides its obvious effects.

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I like a good challenge!! Great Job!

AKTStudios responds:

We are glad you enjoyed the game! Thank you for your feedback :D

Nice soundtrack!

You could develop it more. Aside, this song is more suitable to a running game than a dodging one. Put some legs in this demon and let's run the hell away from angels with flaming swords, dude!

Keep up. :)

AKTStudios responds:

Haha we will keep that in mind while developing our next title! Great feedback thank you!

Good game.

AKTStudios responds:

Thanks for testing!

the controls could be better, they are too sensytive.

AKTStudios responds:

We thought maybe it was a tad touchy ourselves, but over time it seemed to match the game play and work well! Thanks for your feedback!

It seems fine. Nothing bad about it.

AKTStudios responds:

Thanks for your feedback!