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Banned Soup - Part One

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Hey all, this is my FIRST REAL animation on Newgrounds! :D

This started out as a Ban Week idea, but as I was animating it, I had bigger ambitions.

The art has a lot more effort put into it than most Soup Squad movies, and the story will be quite epic when it is through. I want to tell a story that fleshes out the Soup Universe and raises the bar for Soup Squad. :)

So here ya go! Hope you like it!

In this Episode, Taco hears some unsettling news.

P.S. There is some frame loss and choppiness in the video from compression. I'm new to Flash, so if anyone can give me tips to make everything smooth, that would be awesome. Thanks. :)

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It's quite a shame this was banned. It's very odd, and the animation sometimes reminds me of Ed, Edd, and Eddie (definitely not a bad thing).

Ultimately hilarious, keep up the great work. :)

My favorite thing about this flash is that it has a style that's not the normal call of our stuff. It looks very different and I think does raise the bar of what we do.

The art style is simple, but pretty well done. The voice acting is very appropriate, but remains cartoony. I also love how you decided to draw Taco as a real taco, rather than a usual pot of taco soup.

Keep this up, and let me know if you want some help.

I think it would have been more enjoyable if the theme sng wasnt so long I almost felt like stopping the video 2 times because I was afraid it was only the slow moving image trailer or something, other than that I thought it was a good start man