Cult Prophecy

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30 5 Points

Read about the fate of an unwilling victim.

Catacombs 5 Points

Solved the first puzzle and proceeded to the basement.

Escape 5 Points

Found a hiden tunnel to get out of the house.

Hidden Truths 5 Points

Found a way to progress, along with a secret amongst the house.

Journalist's Report 10 Points

Read the report about the house's history.

Servant of the House 10 Points

Solved the final puzzle in preperation of escape.

Cult Prophecy 25 Points

Beat the game and discovered first hand what the cult is.

Author Comments

Hello everyone.This is my first complete attempt at a horror game.

I started working on this last summer, exactly one year ago. Progress abruptly ended, and didn't continue until May 2012. I then decided to finish it this month. Fair and legitimate REVIEWS - not comments - please. Your input can help me aspire to become a better Flash game developer.

Instructions: Navigate using the compass. Click in the direction you would like to go. A red arrow means you can proceed, grey means that there is an obstacle, a locked door, nowhere to go, etc. Generally the arrows point you in that direction. Sometimes, the down arrow moves you back, sometimes, it changes your point of view for example. Pay attention to your surroundings. Some of the environment can be interacted with, and sometimes you need to do so to progress further into the house.

- Read all notes you come across. Besides story telling, they sometimes provide essential hints and clues on how to progress.
- Interact with everything.
- Revisit old areas whenever possible, as much as possible. Sometimes the environment changes after certain events, and can help you discover new areas.

That's all, enjoy. Hopefully I succeed in scaring you!

UPDATE 7/14 (now live):

- Intro is a tad bit longer
- Key is easier to get
- Fixed a typo
- The note in the room with the chair no longer disappears
- The ghost no longer reappears
- Fixed the problem with the note animations being interrupted

Thanks for reporting these problems, notify me if I have created any new ones!


The pictures used are kinda funny, but it's a great game and I got really scared haha Got all the medals, except "Journalist's Report", couldn't find it anywhere :c

I made a gameplay/walkthrough here: http://youtu.be/SNcBbVtt7Mw :)

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Who Wants To Play Horror Game guys if you can't finish the game i will Walkthrough

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Wasn't really that scary. Jump scares aren't really scary, they just make you jump. I would make the player scared first, then use some jump scares, which you also have too many jump scares. I also think it lacked music, or empty house creaks. Never underestimate the effect of sound on the player. Also avoid screechy noises, they are annoying not scary. I would also put more into the empty hallways and such, because any fear i might have had subsided through the long, empty, and boring stretches of hall between places. Artwork could use some work, needs to look more polished and real. For a first try it really isn`t that bad so keep trying :)

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All bits and pieces are surrounding
and I.... can't seem to escape
there's nothing else that I can do
instead of sit and weep and sing

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A word of advice:

Jump-scares are not scary, they're startling. Horror is not attained by relying entirely on jump-scares. The environment didn't even give me a sense of horror, it just looked like washed out polaroid pictures.

When trying to go for horror, try to create an air of dread or worry. You can do that with the right environment and ambiance. One or two jump-scares is good, but more than that and you're just trying to get scares by jumping in the face of the audience and screaming into their ear. Once again, not scary; just startling.

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3.90 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2012
9:28 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click