"Seeing is Believing" rap

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Higher res version on youtube.
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=5-J8GvQMJFo

Check it out Yo, made a music video for my man Will "RedLineRx"
have a peep.

Also if you like the song, Its available on NG

also go to Redline's page for links to the full album.

A Big Shout out to Vince at VincaniTV on youtube,
I watched his how to videos in order to do the dance sequence.
He's definitely the guy to go to if you want to your breakdance moves in order.

anyyways Im glad to get this finished, I wished I had more time to flesh out the animation in some parts, but it works.
I decided I didnt want to make a fully tweened animation, and that might hurt me in the end when it came to time.. .. So attacked the most important scenes first, which might have ended up with it being alittle inconsistent.. sorry about that..
I'll tell ya this, if I ever see another green lightning bolt in my lifetime, it'll be too soon.



Rap isn't my cup of tea, but you know what? That's not the point. The point is the video, and the fact that the music enhances it. It's grungy, it's dark, it's pretty damn fun to watch. The "camera" angles are great, the artwork is sketchy and expressive, and the characters are drawn in such a way as to make the art style "pop."

But while the artwork is nice, the animation leaves quite a bit to be desired. The frames are often repeated, and the movement seems to be unnatural at times. The tweened animations are clearly more natural-looking than the FBF, and the lip-synching on the lead rapper could use work.

That being said, the moment when he popped out of the screen was a pretty damn fantastic one, and was probably my favorite part. Even better was the meshing of a live action person and a hand-drawn world. It was a nice experimental touch, and enhances the video simply BECAUSE of how out-of-place it was. It made the character seem more "alien," more bizarre.

In conclusion, it's fucking fantastic, man. Keep up the good work. You need a little more polish, sure, but hey, you did a damn good job.


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this video flash was awesome the music was cool u could make ur own album with this hell even flash series

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That is pretty sick. Great artwork. It was tweened a bit, but I do not care. It still looked really nice! The animation was a bit choopy, but in the end, it was still really cool.

And do not listen to TjA. He is just hatin'. I think he just hates rap, and seeing the title of this video warranted him to give a 0/5 stars. And was taking this video WAY TOO SERIOUSLY.

This flash vid was really fun to watch and I enjoyed my time watching it. TIme well spent.

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I had to "jack in" (heh, remember that?) after so long of being inactive just to review this.

I know (or knew) you have (or had) a passionate behavior when it comes to your work, but this is just awful. Simply put. It's not MindChamber.

Note: Criticism drizzled with humor.

The video consists of about 20 or so loops all pasted together with near no real relevance other than it being either a 24 frame "animation" [see: tween] of a skew on a still image, an animation of a fist/arm movement then the same frames again... but reversed or a literal interpretation of what the... artis... rappe... singe... vocalist had just said.

The only time this is different is roughly in 3 instances: the 'lightning arc' effect (FBF or shape tween?) , the ending with the vocalist in some sort of ghetto-meets-KKK-meets-prototype outfit (the blood effects though, nice job) and the chroma keying at the end. Although get some better acting.

Minor gripe: was blobbing over the baseball caps brand logo really required?
Why not...
a. remove it with scissors (they're pretty damn cheap)
b. not where a cap and simply have the hood up like he does in the animated version, albeit without the cap?
Perhaps even a thin beanie hat over the cap with or without the hood?

It seems like you were struggling for ideas, like many directors for rap videos. Due to the poor lyrics (and i can back that up with examples later) you had to rely on "crowd shots" and "stage/DJ shots" constantly. This, combined with the very repetitive loops caused me to lose all interest about 2 minutes in, perhaps even earlier.

Perhaps the title "Seeing is believing" made you take this choice to literally depict things in the lyrics within the video, but I feel the title of the song and the lyrics of the song are both out of sync.

Seeing is believing is referring to something so peculiar that it has to be seen to be believed, right?
That doesn't mean you need to literally have a god beam them self down to the stage nodding their head. Especially how the lyrics seem to suggest the gods disapproval of the vocalists choices but a keenness on his vocals (and "bangin' tracks").

Ran out of characters :(

The lyrics were really poor and had no word play for which rap/mc-ing is famous for (well that and some other things).
Here's one:
"Left for dead in the game,
On his last live,
you only get one."
First he says "on his last live" then "you only get one". It was contradictory to say "his last live" and that "you only get one". If you only get one, your always on your last life. The third line isn't needed and only brings the lyrics down. At least he got reference to the "the game" of life and a video game in there, though it's so cliché now.

The music felt like one of those Jay-Z songs that state,
"I've not made a single in 6 months, now I'm back and I'm still a wealthy narcissist."
as opposed to the subject matter of quickly changing from someone who isn't a role model but not exactly the worst person in the world, to turn into someone who is "killing challenges with homicidal bars that he writes" who will "lobotomize them while keeping it all insight".

Why in the video he starts to slaughter the crowd with break-dancing moves is beyond my point of understanding.
"so tell your people to run now,
warn a friend,
to sun up to sun down we gonna slaughter them."
This, I believe, isn't referencing the listeners but rather the challengers and their friends.
This is reinforced by the fact he goes on to mention challengers more and more.

Feels like a more fitting visual would be him killing a bunch of "haters" in his audience or so his audience can "see it to believe it". But that's just me.

Audio is a single drum loop, some pops, brass "hits", piano and scratches repeated infinity to point of nausea, Not much to say there. Feels like there's no sub-bass or bass. I have earphones and a sub-woofer to check and they pick nearly nothing towards the low end frequencies.

I had more to write but ran out of space.

MindChamber responds:

The rapper had an Idea of his words coming to life, and with it ending with him killing the two people watching his show on tv. I sat down, listened to the song, and worked out a scenario that I thought fit with his vision. Since you gave me zero stars I guess I failed.. so for that I'm sorry.. all the lightning is fbf...

I will try and do better next time.

im noot even into rap but i really enjoyed this thanks

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