"Seeing is Believing" rap

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Higher res version on youtube.
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=5-J8GvQMJFo

Check it out Yo, made a music video for my man Will "RedLineRx"
have a peep.

Also if you like the song, Its available on NG

also go to Redline's page for links to the full album.

A Big Shout out to Vince at VincaniTV on youtube,
I watched his how to videos in order to do the dance sequence.
He's definitely the guy to go to if you want to your breakdance moves in order.

anyyways Im glad to get this finished, I wished I had more time to flesh out the animation in some parts, but it works.
I decided I didnt want to make a fully tweened animation, and that might hurt me in the end when it came to time.. .. So attacked the most important scenes first, which might have ended up with it being alittle inconsistent.. sorry about that..
I'll tell ya this, if I ever see another green lightning bolt in my lifetime, it'll be too soon.



Anivation and drawing right from 2005, very bad. I hope you made this in one day. Rap also was foolish and silly. 0,5 for trying and 1 for that effect in the end, it was nice.

MindChamber responds:

awww damn, I was aiming for a 1990 art style :(

I admit I don't really care much for rap but it was good and the way you animated the lyrics was great it flowed well and the audio was great. I like stuff like this, quality animation that displays the music and pun not intended, "brings it to life" doing this tends to give the music an extra feeling to me and makes it more original than normal music videos. I say this cause with animation your only limited by your imagination, and you can give it a extra quality. That was a bit of my view and overall critique, as for personal view on it again I like how you portrayed your lyrics with the animation but I have to say it could be better now for advice always try and find ways to improve if even a little cause like I said I don't care much for rap but you made this pretty great with the animation and you deserve kudos for that. I hope to see more from you good luck.

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Drawing is really good and animations are pretty good too but everything is ruined by rap. Sorry but rap is just... specially when it sounds like teenage is trying too hard to be "cool" :/ overall I liked this but cause of rap wont give more than 2.

meh, im not into much rap, but when you take it to a super natural state, that was alright

could you try one on zelda or halo? or maybe assassin's creed?

MindChamber responds:


I'd like to give 2.5 but 3 because i'm into rap. Would had been higher if you did less repetitive lyrics and scenes. Also the ending was, eh. No need for the 'real' gangsta stare and quick escape into the tv.

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Jul 13, 2012
7:00 PM EDT
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