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I uploaded a new version with an actual title, the full original title, displayed. I also stuck the umbrella symbol behind the tank logo for giggles... and I fixed the music loop... it'll actually loop now instead of just playing 3 times and stopping...


I've had this kicking around in my computer for... oh... 4 years or so. Might be 5. It's at least 4...

The pathos behind this was a short Halloween collab I was working on (that ended up falling apart). I took what I had (zombies) and took it to an island in the North Atlantic (In the Faroe Islands, hence the title), built an Umbrella base there and formulated a plot involving Claire Redfield as the protagonist. The whole thing was basically the last escape from the island, and it called for some intense stuff.

This was a large project. I had probably about 20 full minutes worth of script, fifteen different music pieces chosen (all from NG audio), some voicing for Claire (from Kagome, sorry Kagome), sound effects and a few gigs worth of art. A lot of time and effort went into building the groundwork for this movie.

However, I simply lost interest. Got distracted. Life stepped in, whatever you want to call it, and it fell by the wayside. So, back a while ago (it's been a while), I put together this short trailer with what I had, but never decided to publish it - thinking it silly to publish a trailer for something I wasn't working on.

Now, I'm pretty sure I'll never finish this. It's fun to look at, though, so I thought I'd publish it here for some kind of catharsis - really I'd just like it to be seen so I can move on. All I really added just before publishing it is the preloader - which is one I apparently modified some time ago. Basically, this is the leavings of a project I never got around to finishing. Take it or leave it, it's what I'm showing.

I wasted so much time on this and all for naught... well, there's this at least. It's shaky in places because it was never polished, but here's about all I'm likely to release of this.

I hope you find it moderately enjoyable.

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That's great stuff for a trailer, amigo. Even if you don't finish the project, I consider your idea as Awesome :)

Greetings from EspaƱa.

not ganna win you an award but ive seen MUCH worse try to work on it alittle harder and make action and story that makes sense this dosnt

Helbereth responds:

I think you may have been expecting the story to make sense based on a 1-minute trailer... that's an awfully silly assumption to make. It's vague intentionally.

Some of it looks odd. The zombies are off to me. All green with out clothes? I know its a lot mor work to make em all individual looking. The scene with her running toward the camera is odd as well... BUT 4 stars for someone finally making a RE series that isn't comedy based. GOOD JOB can't wait!

Helbereth responds:

The zombies were the first thing I made and I never went back over them - working on other stuff. I certainly planned to, of course. I had a lot of stuff planned - even sketched, story-boarded or scored...

I think the camera angle is wrong on her run toward the camera. It should have been tilted, but I never actually added the skewing to the background.

Are there really no serious RE series here?

you do realize the RE game of this is already out right... but movie of it would be sweet. thumbs up

Helbereth responds:

There's an RE game following this kind of arc?

I had this idea 6 years ago... almost 7. In 2006.

This looks pretty beast. It makes a great trailer.

Helbereth responds:

Yeah it kinda does. I really wanted it to be great, but I just lost the ambition.

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