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This is a hentai animation, of My Little Pony no less, so if you dislike hentai or are under the appropriate age where you live, please watch something else.

Why ponies? Why the fuck not? I like the show and thought I should create some fan-made content, the only way I know how: with dicks in it. I assume I'll be receiving grief for this, regardless of any number of disclaimers. I intent to ignore any reviews that amount to "ponyfag" insults or the like when I normally respond to all reviews. I assume this punishment will sit in the very depths of your heart until it forces you to see the error of your ways. The world will be a better place when you realize, "Oh damn, there are people out there who don't give a shit about my opinion?" Indeed.

Anyway, I plan upon making a Twilight Sparkle animation based on a picture by randomrandom. It's going to be a POV anal sex animation, hoo! (scootaloo)

Rarity and all stuff not made by me and others listed in the credits is owned by Hasbro, but your know that.


what u ganna do next duck sucking LMAO

Right, have to first say I'm not voting low due to "I dislike ponies" or whatever, I enjoy pony porn, when it's well made. Have to say I got rather disappointed at this. Firstly, I get the disclaimer of "don't like? don't look", but it felt a bit overdone, like the only reason one could dislike it was due to the content, I disliked it due to the quality/story.

Righto, can start by saying the menu layout was totally okay. The buttons were "classy" enough, Was a bit "meh" to the disclaimer as said. It was a kinda neat idea, but was overdone a bit. Secondly, I have to say I think the story was really bad, it makes little sense. I mean, the ex: gloryhole one had a rather funny layout, and the ending was humerus. But here it's mostly just OOC, has little explanation what the "you" are doing there to start with. And Rarity seems incredibly gullible and rather ooc in this. (yeah, I know, they're not supposed to need to be IC in porn, but I actually like it) she is offered to do something in exchange for something she easily can get for herself, and also, with no proof said person can uphold their end of the bargain. She's basically being asked to buy a box of gems, without being allowed to peek inside the box to make sure they're actually there, and she just is totally chill with that, for whatever reason, despite what is asked in exchange. Yes, it is written off as ignorance, but it still makes little sense seeing how, you know, "you" never have done it before, and just now so happens to bring it up in exchange for sexual favors.

As for the game itself, the motion of the controls are rather good and flows quite smoothly, the music is rather good, and the buttons and design of this part is well made, simple, yet "elegant", and is what made me ponder between a 1.5 or 2 star rating overall. It's kinda weird she's looking into the "camera" however, given the angle of the "you". The graphic overall on Rarity and "you" seems to clash quite a bit, being rather different, it just adds a tad bit to breaking immersion, (both the eye direction and different style) I think it's called. And the "bulge" thing just looks somewhat unnatural. The sound is not that bad though, but it's slightly on the edge. (I'm not a fan of "porn sounds", prefer realistic. But I do like however that you don't have any stupid moaning in it, since that just makes me facepalm. Also, even with music some "noises" can be heard from the characters the sound effects were taken from. Granted though, it's hard as fuck to get good sounds, as I've worked with porn myself, I know what a pain in the ass they can be. It loops well though)

As for the finishes, since nothing was really indicated, it also feels somewhat ooc, especially to her voice clip and facial expressions to the whole deal. (would have been better if she spat it out and either caught the sperm in magic, or pulled out and finished "you" off in a tissue or something. And like a friend of mine said: If you can't do a proper story, leave it out. Now, I can say I've seen worse stories, but you could definitively done better. (and yeah I know, as said, it's porn, not supposed to make sense) But imo, just overall, take into consideration how the character is, what would be plausible, and how they'd react. (or as said, just leave a story out) Since you got her likely reactions to such acts, but not overall why she'd agree to have them done to her when she could've acted otherwise.

A recent flash released was a threesome with Shy, Twi and Dash, there you have a rather good example of a story attempt, it still have some holes in it, but it plays on the characters more. Not overly canon, but as said, it attempts to flesh it out. Anyhow, I'm not the best at writing reviews, but I hope it was of some use, likely will just be seen as rambling but eh, my stuff tends to do that. For the possible upcoming one, try to think of IC (if aiming for it) as said, and I do hope you use proper anatomy. Or at least the thumb rule of color if going human genital. So tired of seeing vulva's protruding out through the pelvis.

Kajio responds:

Uh ok, wow. The disclaimer was meant to be taken as a lighthearted jab toward "haters". It's over-the-top because that's the point, haha, funny.

Ok storyline. I'd argue against Rarity acting in any way that is largely OOC in this storyline. She acts gullible in the face of something she's ignorant about, and I recall no time she illustrated she was particularly skeptical. In Bridle Gossip she immediately assumed Zecora's stripes were a fashion statement. The seems a little silly, but I guess she might just jump to conclusions when dealing with foreign creatures (oh shit, the parallels are insane). She can get gems easily enough, sure, but it should be obvious the benefits of being able to get any gem of any size, shape, and color on demand.

Additionally, perhaps it is personal preference, but to me an MLP based porn could only ever possibly work if the characters remain relatively innocent. Anything like a character being a secret-nympho is just plain silly and is the crutch of the unimaginative.

If Rarity ever looks at the camera it was purely by happenstance. What about the "you" graphics seem to make them clash do you think? The bulge can be disabled. I assumed not everyone would enjoy that, so it is optional. Glad you thought the sound was good enough.

The ideas behind the finishes was that she wasn't really prepared for what was going to happen. Her facial expression (and one of the voice clips) is taken from when a parasprite hacks goo on her face. If you can think of a better instance of when Rarity is taken by surprise by something gross and sticky hitting her in the face, enlighten me.

Anyway, thanks for the review, although I disagreed with most of it, haha.

Man, this is awesome! The way you used the vectors made the animation on Rarity near flawless, in my opinion. The 'selling point' for me was the swallow ending. The animation + sounds is just wonderful. However, I feel that aside from the swallow ending, the penis itself is too stiff. Well, static is a better term I suppose; of course the penis is going to be stiff. :P It just seems rather out of place with how fluid Rarity's animations are. I'd say the male himself is rather static too; the animation on the facial ending didn't seem very fluid on the guy, to me. I also have to say that it feels a bit too short (NO not the penis!); I think maybe a vaginal scene or a.. hoof-job would've improved on it a bit than just fellatio. Flaws I saw aside, I really enjoyed this and it actually made me open a Newgrounds account. :)

Kajio responds:

Haha, welcome to NG. Yeah, I totally see how the male could have been added to. I glad you enjoyed the game!

Very well done! The animation and the options available was awesome. Looking forward to more :D
Also what does the button with the white thing on it under the glasses button do? I cliked it multiple times but didn't notice any changes...

Kajio responds:

It toggles the bulge for when Rarity is deepthroating. Glad you liked it :)

lolz.... i dief of laughter and i'm suing you for scarring me for life... jokes :P

Kajio responds:

Haha, you can take all the money I don't have :P

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