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Defend your city from an attack of the tones! The noise bombs will blast away your buildings in a hail of fire and debris. Fire back a matching tone to vaporize the incoming notes. Tone Defense is a unique action game using tone selection to defend against the bombs. Each level adds a new sound and is a fun way to learn how to differentiate between different tones. The game can be used as a learning aid to assist in tone recognition for playing musical instruments.

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i suck at music


Nice musical game.

I like how it challenges you to tone recognition, as I imagine someone who perhaps has perfect/absolute pitch would be able to breeze right through this.

Being able to save your progress is cool, too.

Some suggestions:
- Add a "sudden death" mode, for those who want to get 100% accuracy without messing up once. One mistake ends the round, and they don't have to keep explicitly quitting.
- Add a "freestyle" mode, where you can play any not just to listen to the notes, without actually playing the game (no bombs).
- Consider allowing the ability to change the accidental sign from sharps to flats and back.

Perhaps in a future version, you could expand this to chord recognition: major, minor, dominate seventh, augmented, diminished, 9th, major seventh, suspended, etc. Perhaps experiment with chords and/or scales.

For a real challenge, you could even combine the two, where players would not only have to recognize the chord, but also the root. That could be brutal, though, but I'd try it. (:

The game isn't polished, nor is it graphically appealing, but it gets the point across. (:
Good job.

- Ziro out.

ok game for music buffs

This game isn't bad... just challenging.

Dude this is real a good one...
Maybe the gameplay is not that spectacular but its a good idea that i never seen like this...
Its good for train ur hearing no doubt.
But u should maybe try to work at the grafics and the gameplay to make playing it more fun...
Learning by having fun is a great thing work on the funny part and it could be awesome stuff for every musican... i realy would like to see another version of it and if u work on my suggestions all my 5 will belong to that...
hopefully cya

Credits & Info

3.88 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2012
7:12 AM EDT

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