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New Eden is a pilot for an animated sci-fi web comedy following the adventures of Murray and Hamilton, two starship crewmen marooned and fighting for their lives on a primordial world after their starship crash lands on the wrong planet!


Here is our pilot episode folks! We'd love to hear what you think. What works for you? What doesn't? What do you want to see more of? Your feedback will be a big help when we come to planning and rolling out more episodes.


Check out our NEW EDEN SHORTS: http://newedenseries.newg rounds.com/


Awesome, very exited for this new sires, I dont want it to be to much of a comedy. New Eden is already looking to treky, as in Star Trek, but Star Trek is nice. More episodes please and It cant be to broish, like there homys. Hey please cut back on the swearing.

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Not to my taste, but the voices, humor and story seemed alright. The art was very well done, and I think that is what shines the most here.

However, the animation was pretty horrid. Yes, on a technical side of things, the animation was smooth and consistant, but it was also dull, lifeless and moved unrealistically. First off, take it easy with the motion blur. Every single action had an obnoxious blur; either use it more discreetly or not at all. The lip syncing was whack, it was very clearly just layered over the face independently, making it feel unnatural. Everything was also tweened or puppet-tooled, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it does look cheap.

The actions the characters went through are not natural motions, it looked as though they moved just for the sake of moving instead of carrying and relating to the acting of each character. I feel that in trying to be technically perfect, you lost a feeling of realism in the characters. Everything moves far too fast and unnaturally. The body pieces you used need some variety too. Work on those things and your series here will look so much better.

The special effects looked nice though, might I add.

I'm not trying to come off as mean with my criticism, just trying to help.

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NewEdenseries responds:

Hey Tyler, thanks for taking the time to respond mate, appreciate you putting so much thought into it. All help is welcome.

Pretty good all in all.... the animation was great, very crisp with a good flow, the sound was high quality and the voice acting was good. The only critique I have for you is it was a bit too slow. Too many pauses with 'dead air'. So I fuess what I'm saying is it needs better writing. I did chuckle quite heartily when the bug puked though, that was well built up to.

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NewEdenseries responds:

Thanks mate. You're not the first to offer up the comment about it being a bit slow ... we were going for a particular kind of humour and build up but seems for some it might not be translating. Noted, moving forward we think we'll definitely tighten up the episodes.

Wow, attention grabbing from the start, everything is simply superb! I am personally looking forward to more episodes. One thing, give a warning for those with weak stomachs. I don't mind at all, just giving a suggestion on behalf of those who don't like to watch what went 2-3 times. (Not giving any spoilers). Awesome work, that is all.

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NewEdenseries responds:

Hehe ... noted.

great animation!

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Jul 12, 2012
9:00 AM EDT
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