Knight's War part 1

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Our finest warriors and craftsmen are awaiting your orders, Sire. Choose your commands wisely and save us in our most urgent hour of need. A mighty legion of enemies are approaching the Castle. Everything we hold dear is protected by these old stone walls: The enemy must not break through!


i don't know what everyone is talking about but i like this game it is fun

Brilliant! The graphics are good, but they didn't focus on it. They made a simple campagn game to have fun with. This game can prepare people who are new to the genre to play others like it.

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chrisError responds:

thanks for the kind words moondog, really makes it worthwhile when you get reviews like that :) I'll def. let you know when we release part II.

Its ok but like others say it gets too old quick but i will still give you 4 for the afford and graphics ;)

The singers will sing of this day... You could use some help writing dialogue for the game. There were several points in which the text didn't make sense. Sentence fragments aside, this was a good game with a proper length. I never really used anything but mines walls and archers, so it was definitely easy. I would have liked a survival mode.

definatley has potential but still needs some work...

if i put a baracade right on top of an enemy it catches him and he cannot move until he breaks it, needs fixed, shouldnt be able to do that

apart from that i liked it!

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3.35 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2012
7:57 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense