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Explore infinite space and come across billions of different and unique planets that you can land on, and trade with other species, fully dynamic background galaxy and stars with an unbelievable amount of randomly generated content almost anything can happen from escaping deadly supernova explosions, finding fruits and plants on a lush planet you just discovered to strange cosmic anomalies and wormholes. Find asteroids to mine to increase your minerals and increase your cash to upgrade your ship as you continue to dwelve deeper and deeper into the universe on your quest to find the Everstar!

Video gameplay/trailer: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=1c_bPkzuDTI&feature =plcp


Brilliant. Though slow.

Ok, have GNaN, ship w/ techlvel 24, 60 ae from origin, where is this motherplanet hidin' ? Whats the trick?

I have found the Everstar, but what exactly is it?
Is it some sort of wormhole, how does it help to save the universe?
Also are those black objects with white halo black holes?

unbelivable responds:

The Everstar is a much more powerful then normal star that can be used for infinite energy. Once you find it you've solved the energy problem for everyone.

And yes those black objects are black holes.

It has its funny moments (Accepting a gift from the populus which consists of micro-organisms. Makes me wonder what micro-organisms have that's worth 12k+ universal credits). All in all, I'd have to give this game a 4. Very well done.

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it seems like a game i could love, however it's extremmelly laggyand slow fr my computer, maybe you could add a quality button? please tell me if you do, thankyou :3

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unbelivable responds:

There is a quality button on the main menu on the lower right side, press "Low Quality" for massively increased game performance.

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4.08 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2012
9:26 PM EDT
Adventure - Other