Endless War 5

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First Unlock 5 Points

Unlock a vehicle

Gunner 10 Points

Destroy 10 enemy guns

No mercy 10 Points

Kill 100 enemies

Tank Buster 10 Points

Destroy 10 enemy vehicles

Ace 25 Points

Destroy 100 enemy vehicles

Conqueror 25 Points

Destroy 100 enemy guns

D-Day 25 Points

Beat the 10th mission, "Operation "Overlord"

Tankman 25 Points

Unlock your first tank

Commander 50 Points

Reach the highest rank

Massacre 50 Points

Kill 1000 enemies

No Survivors 100 Points

Kill 2500 enemies

War Hero 100 Points

Beat the game

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Game review published: http://guidology.com/2012 /07/12/endless-war-5-guid ologys-official-review/

The fifth instalment of Endless War series brings you to a large scale tank warfare. You wouldn't be able to control a singe soldier, instead you'll be choosing from 11 different tanks, armored cars and self-propelled guns.
Prepare to face over 25 types of enemies, including tanks, pillboxes, infantry, cannons, howitzers and so on.


I like the game!But,there is a glitch.The glitch is I didn't get the "No survivors" ,"War hero" and the secret medal.I hope you can fix this glitch as soon as possible,author BlackFox-of-ITMO.

wow lol i did not no of a endless war 5

I've been a fan of Endless War since it's inception. Only one I've never really liked was Endless War Defense. And after playing Endless War 5, I can safely say that this game is one of the series I'm quite fond of.

For fans of the series you will be pleased to hear the gameplay is largely unchanged. Indeed this game is very similar; with the top-down view, the aesthetic design, being in historically inspired firefights with tons of units on either side, the shooting, etc. The differences between the previous type of gameplay is pretty small, really. You can't control any team mates, there's no laying prone, knifing, various grenade types, cheats, etc. Which I did have fun with all of those things, but for all intents and purposes Endless War 5 is a bit more streamlined gameplay wise.

So instead of one soldier and a couple of his buddies, you control a tank. You don't have controllable teammates, but your tank has guys in it that automatically fires weapons you aren't using, effectively utilizing as much of the tank's firepower as possible. And sometimes it's really needed, which is nice in later levels. On top of that there's 11 different tanks, all with different weapons, movement speeds, health, and armor. Alas most of them share too much in common with each other with few exceptions, and just aren't viable late game. The standouts to me are the M8 GMC just for how much power and range its gun has, the M26 Pershing for how well equipped it is both armor and weapon wise, and the Sherman Calliope for being an offensive powerhouse.

The gameplay is simple enough: make everything that's not on your team dead. Not that new to Endless War. What IS new to the series is regenerating health. Also there's a leveling system (which works like military ranks, how original). With each rank you get to unlock a new upgrade and can access a new tank. There's 2 upgrade trees, one defensive (hitpoints, armor, regen), one offensive (damage, range, reload). Some stats like pierce and accuracy are split between them. Admittedly the rank system is kind of nice, but there's only 10 ranks which doesn't allow you to max out both trees. Furthermore, a lot of upgradess will boost certain things but detract from others, which also reduces the number of skills you can max. Thankfully you can reset them as much as you want to play around with them.

I prefer the offensive tree better, as it allows you to do more damage and better range which helps out one of the 2 good strategies in the game, which are:
1. Circle strafe. Enemies have a lot of trouble hitting moving targets. This works most of the game until a point where you start facing a lot of Panzers and Tigers. Then it's;
2. Shoot enemies outside of their range, and make sure your front is always facing them. The enemies in the last 5 or so missions can do absurd amounts of damage and it's really easy to die if they hit your back or sides (the least armored parts of your tank), so you want to make sure your tank is facing whichever direction it's tanking fire from. For this reason the Pershing is nice just for how much armor it has, but the Calliope can deal damage a lot faster.

Now for my nitpicks and suggestions. Why can't I see the what tank upgrades do? I can see the effect they have in combat, but they don't change any of the stats in the tank selection menu. Also, why isn't range in the tank menu? Range is one of the most important things in the game to me. Where's the cheats? You know what'd be cool? Being able to customize what weapons and stats your tank has. Oh, and futuristic tank wars, with MLRS laser rockets and shit. It'd be fuckin' great. Also, add a pause button. That'd be righteous .

In conclusion, I like this game. There could definitely be some improvements for a potential sequel, but it's a fun way to pass the time nonetheless.

Bugs and other things; I forget what mission it was, but there was a large trench invulnerable to the only gun the M8 GMC has. The medals "No survivors", "war hero" and the "secret medal" didn't work for me the first time I got them.

A very nice game, I liked it a lot. Only thing I hate is getting stuck on a building and then getting murdered. Maybe in the future you could make it to where your car or tank would be able to drive over buildings that have been leveled. Other than that I love the game.

Just another excellent endless war game!

One thing I miss is the ability to fight on the axis side/ as an opposing force. But as one medal suggests you're already working on other viewpoints as well. ;) Also seeing as many elements from the Endless war defense game are in here there shouldn't be any reason for you not to make games for the other factions as well.

>Perhaps it's bugged, some trenches in mission 10 required an insane amount of M8 howitzer rounds to be taken out and the Tigers in mission 12 are simply invincible.

Trenches are most vurnable to MG fire or the cannon when firing from behind. Also tigers have the weakest armor on the back and as they were one of the most armored up tanks in WW2 I see no bugs here whatsoever.

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4.23 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2012
12:37 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional