Enigmata TD

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Build units to defend the base with the mouse.

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Excellent game.

It took me some time, but finally beat the Villalobos. At first I thought it was impossible and some kind of joke.

I hope there will be sequel. I would like to see a version without the farming and going back to old missions.

i've played this game on armorgames.com and it was fun!

The only reason there is a star missing is because the soundtrack on this was never updated to give different music like the one on Kongregate....

.....however, at least this one still HAS music (and a gold magnet)...unlike the bugged one on Kongregate that the guys in charge have abandoned

I just have to say this all the time...

Seriously one of the best games I've ever played in flash.

Really deserves more than a second place.

This is a great game, The art style is unique and creative and I thank Mia Lolita for her great soundtrack she has made for this game!

Interesting points from past reviews!
"quite poor game in terms of art and strategy"
True in terms of strategy but this form of Gameplay is actually quite unique and is not very common in terms of art though it's best that this game never copied anything else.

"this is a awesome game.pity i dont realy find rere turets i only found 2."
There called rare for a reason.

"I LOVE this game, a couple of small problems though: 1) you should get some money back from trashing extra towers from your unit bank, 2) i keep not being able to get Perfects on levels because it says i lost a unit that i didnt actually lose."
1) If by trashing extra towers you mean rare towers I completely agree money should come from trashing those. 2)This is a common bug within the game but you may actually have lost a tower or two I always do sometimes always look back (before/after screenshots).

The reason for this was for me to speak from experience of playing this game from the past two weeks and too answer the reviews of others.

I hope this helped everyone.

Credits & Info

4.70 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2012
2:11 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)