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Roberts Robot Repair

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The year is 2070 and the city of San Diego is being attacked by the robot minions of the evil Professor Dingleberry. The city's last line of defence, the giant robot 'Juggernaut', is currently severely damaged, and it is up to our hapless hero Robert to fix the Juggernaut and save the day.

Originally this game was made for Game Jam 7. Unfortunately we didn't quite get it finished, and we decided instead to submit it for Robot Day. We got a bit rushed at the last minute, so the game might be a little glitchy, but we hope you enjoy it. A lot of hard work has gone into this, so we hope you appreciate it.

Be sure to play with sound on, as this game has excellent audio from RealFaction.

Happy Robot Day!

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its a bit short and it could have used better combat. also those green sonic robots are really anoying

actually i dont really get what all of you guys are bitching about. i mean, ok, it was a bit harder than all the casual everyday games but completely beatable. says i, who plays normally only at easiest available difficulty. only thing is that it was a bit short but since it was done in such a short time it was probably hard enough to make it this long. and yes the slow attacks are a bit annoying but after you get the hang of it, it actually plays sort of smooth.

I ran all the way to the left, jumped, and fell out of the map. The art style and sound were good though.

what the...infinite spawning robots? slow attacks? the laser cannon is the worst weapon, i can not hold the button and keep shooting, no, i have to press the button to shoot every damn time i want to shoot. the fire thrower is too fast empty. the movements are not the best. and how can i get back up where i started if i can not jump high enough?

Gotta say man, even though i couldnt do it, and you tried it in 3 days, i'm dissapointed. It took me at least ten seconds to realize that 's' and 'd' didnt do an automatic punch attack, which threw me for a loop in the first battle, and even when i realized what they did, they were so slow to the point of being unusable.

Walking and elevator speed was unbearably slow, not to mention loud, and the spinny creeper robots were almost impossible because of the extra slow flamethrower/gun animations, combined with the fact that the little robots automatically interrupt your attacks... it makes it nigh unplayable for any period without frustration. It's called false difficulty, and this game is filled with it.

Aside from that, the animations were nice, and i'd have to say it was fairly well done for three days aside from the horrifying combat.

Overall, given more time, you could easily change some numbers in Actionscript to make this game MUCH more playable. Unless you did it the total opposite of how i would have done it, then it would require a complete overhaul... Meh.

tl;dr: Interesting (if not overdone) concept and attempted use of a joke in the beginning, but the clunky mechanics drag it down.