Once More (demo test)

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Trapped in an endless time loop you struggle to find the means of escape...

(This is an open-production blog not a full game)
(Feel free to post your ideas or feedback)

(Art by Nathan Cookingham
(Music by Jim Guthrie)

(Game now features a suicidal duck)


Make Some Games With Boss.. (OPINION):

1): You Must Jump On The Boss Head Then He Take Damages

2): Add 3 Enemies On Each Levels. Ad 5 Enemies On The Next One Jump On Their Heads Too 1 Hit Only They Die Making Game Harder Making It More Good

3): Do You Had Timer When The Timer Goes - Their Well Be Ghosts That Invunerable Then If They Hit The Player Its Game Over

4): Add A Pause Were There Well Be "Return To Main Menu" Words And The Player Clicks On It He Goes Back To The Game Menu And Had To Press The Word "Continue" So They Continue The Level They Had Started..

5): Also You Need Good Grahpics It Well Make The Movements Good And Make A NPC To Talk Just Pressing Any Key (Its Your Choice) Make Many Enemies As You Want Or Make Hard Enemies (I Mean Not Boss) Make Your Enemies Health (The Health You Wanted) Then It Would Be Good

6): What About Caves? With Cave Men That Has A Regular Pistol (And The Color You Want) You Stomp On Their Head 5 Times Just To Deafeat Them And Add Boss Caveman Too, How Can There Well Be Cavemen Without Boss Caveman??


I like the concept of the game, but add a story to explain why your a naked man in the wild. I like the graphics, maybe the game could be some type of survival show, idk. But keep working on it. I like where it's going.

Ok, this is work in progress, so here my observations:
1- please exlplain the controls at the begining
2- i dont know what story you have in mind, but the basic idea is atractive
3- some narrative betwen stages makes the paleyer get atention to the story
4- lovely music
5- remember every game musy have pause (seriously)
6- sorry for mi horrible english u_u
well good luck with your game and i hope i can play the complete version

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SeaHam responds:

Thanks! I'm on it!

what do you do after you kill yourself and someone screams?

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SeaHam responds:

The Game is being made, I will update my progress for feedback. Feel free to share your thoughts and Ideas!

I got to a part where I could hear my character walking, but he walked offscreen and the camera stayed stationary. Nothing I did could fix that. Maybe the full version will be better, but for now, this is really lackluster.

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SeaHam responds:

I'm going to be making this sort of an open-production game. Which means I will be updating my progress through the game creation process in order to get feed back. This was not even meant to be see by anyone really. But I thank you for your feed back, please return later and see the progress that has been made!

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2.66 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2012
9:30 PM EDT
Adventure - Other