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The Movefastinator

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Arrow keys to move around.

-- UPDATE --
- Fixed level transitioning bugs/exploits
- Info screen works properly now
- Now able to mute/restart on all levels
- Added a visual indicator for the movement restriction

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Great work! The folks complaining about the lack of length/content obviously don't understand what a game jam is lmao. I've been playing through a number of the StencylJam 2012 submissions, and this is definitely one of my favorites! I've played one or two other games with similar mechanics, but of the few that I've played I think this one does the most with them - some of the puzzles are genuinely challenging, which (of course) makes for a fun and compelling experience. And hey, that title is worth five stars on its own.

bi' 100 bolum olsaymis olurmus


My friend was first attracted to the title of the game: Movefastinator. "So straightforward, I like it."

First of all, I thought the art was a cousin to Nitrome, but it does look different in its own way (pixels were less prominent). The sound was also like Nitrome - inspired Nitrome fan? Oh well. :) It's cute anyway, and simple on the eyes.

The concept is amazing - it's so addictive I just can't get enough. I didn't find any bugs so far, and I think I've passed about ... 10 areas now? There is no plot in this one; then again, it's a pure puzzle/skill game! (It would be nice though, if there were small and short cutscenes of a story to encourage me in advancing through the levels. If you ever plan on making 'The Movefastinator 2', give this suggestion a bit of thought?)

Controls are basic and easy to get. Arrow keys, that's all, how quick-to-understand more can it get? It's definitely something worth the time whenever one's bored or in need to brainstorm.

Obviously, I enjoyed this a lot.

Art: 4 stars
Sound: 3.5 stars (slightly repetitive)
Controls: 5 stars (charmingly simple)
Gameplay: 4.5 stars (good concept)
Overall: 4.5 stars

HI you make nice games and I even fav'd this one
but the reason why i comment is because i found a bug.

The level is the one where you fall down and land on a red button,2 squares to the left and 1 sqaure down is a laser pointer. next to the laser pointer there is a bomb. 1sqaure down the bomb there is a red laser.
2squares to the left from the bomb 4 sqares up there is another red button.

the bug is that my char fell in to the level en when i pressed up it just went up towards the previous level and never return. plz fix this !!

btw keep on going and make other games ;)