Knight and Witch

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Use the knight and witch skills to eliminate all enemies and collect treasures across 35 riddles of fire, steel and physics.

The Witch masters fireball and telekinesis.

The Knight masters the spikeball and jumping.

An editor is available from the main menu. The levels you create can be shared online, for other players to try, or by a level code.

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Fun game, new take since it's fun just to stay "fuck it" and fire non-stop and brute force your way through a level. -1 star because Im still waiting for the prequel of Orbital Decay.

Really interesting concept. The conceit of the Knight and the Witch is an interesting take on it, though the underlying physics aren't all that different than a lot of other "smack the enemies" games a la "Angry Birds".

Even so, it's rather enjoyable. the main thing that I dislike about it is the lack of an indicator showing where your shot will go and how powerful it will be. I get "farther away equals more powerful", but I still think it needs some sort of visual representation, and some sort of "show preview" line or something would only help line up shots. The lack of either feels more like it's edging into fake difficulty territory.

Not bad, but we have a lot of games just like this. Graphics could use some improvement, but overall it was good and fun.

Hey this is pretty fun and original. The physics are great!

... I'm having too much fun with the Knight's jumping ability. Murder everything by jumping into it haha

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3.80 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2012
11:04 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other