Creeper World: User Space

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You showed up and completed Training.

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Author Comments

Twelve awesome and highly original missions come your way in this latest episode of Creeper World. Boil away the blue menace yet again in these exotic and carefully crafted environments.
And oh yeah, press the UP ARROW for double speed... if you think you can handle it.
Conquer the twelve. This ain't your grandpa's Creeper World....

Game Instructions
Mouse to build from menu.
UP/DOWN Arrow to change game speed.
P to pause (can still queue commands while paused).
Play the tutorial mission for instructions.


Reception: 4/5

A classic intro screen with no much add ons just a background of space and some classic looking menu interface which is good as it totally fits your ( If i'm correct your idea to bring forth a more classic RTS like when they first appeared on newgrounds ) also a good choice of music for the menu the empty hollow space music fits with the menu screen as it's a perfect introduction screen as if you are like me and it's your first time playing CW (series I believe ) then it sets a feeling of starting a game in the unknown which gives a just feeling.

Story: -/5

Your map level titles give us a quick to understand story as there is not much further story but it's not an RPG or any other story required game so I'm not gone pin point you on that. That's why you as your making a classic looking RTS no review on story.

Graphics: 4 /5

As I assume it's your intention to bring back an earlier generation of RTS your graphics fit perfectly
flat 2D graphic and a bird eyes view your colours are bright and maybe that's a bit into the modern RTS style your graphic style is still classic but your colouring doesn't seem to be, yet this is maybe for the best this gives you a better overview of the stuff you placed on the maps.

Audio: 4.5 /5

The music is fitting and ( goes to the classic space music? ) I'm not sure the different kind of music that plays at the menu, mission overview, and the missions itself are not only different but
they are all clear crystal clear or that's what I heard. For the fact of using different styles of music
in a classic RTS looking game you did a lot of effort or at least a lot of though which ones to choose and that gets rewarded.

Gameplay: 3.5/5

Good classic gameplay for an RTS quite quickly to understand ( if your new to this ) the mission info and tips are informative without adding useless texts and it learns you the game step wise.
Gameplay is fluent can't say I got much to discuss, it's a classic rts so it's all about thinking and placing which is nice if your into those things.

Extra: 4/5

We got a scoreboard and a hall of fame which are in general classic extra's but nevertheless they are welcome. We got the options to switch off the music if it annoys us.We also get a well explained help section that should help you with any question you have about a certain unit.
Strategy tips...) The author really wants the people to understand his game before giving judgement. You got some classic game extra's and I was suprised by your well explained help
section. Even though your extra's are standard ( which is not bad ) your help section is what gave you here some extra points.


Creeper World: User Space seems to be to be a game that wants to step back to the old RTS days and introduce it to a new generation as well as an older one to give the older a nostalgic feeling and remind us that not only graphics make a better game but that gameplay is the real dominator in games. if your an RTS fan and want a RTS game experience your not used to or remember from the past give this game a shot it's a bit short but that shouldn't take the fun of it as there ( I think ) more of these games ( in a serie ) I would check the Author to see if they are more as I'm aware most of you will know that.

Thanks for a step back into the past KnuckleCracker you did a good job on making this game I want to see something in the future ( that is similar ) maybe try some new stuff ( not a necessity )
to bring us an even beter game experience.

Cedan Abyss

***** NOTE *****

I'm Cedan Abyss i'm reviewing games and movies on Newgrounds ( as I'm totally bored )
I give honest and builded up critics about games or videos and I'm not here to mock or destroy your games or videos.

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Creeper World is great! I really hope to see more of these user packs, I find them really fun! Is there any chance you could tell me where I could find the map editor? I'd love to try my hand at this! :)

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This is a great game, and I look forward to seeing other CW flash games come out on newgrounds. Nice job! The maps are all very carefully chosen, and some of them are rather hard. Well, here come a couple hours of playing!

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could be great but it's too slow... then the graphic could be better

KnuckleCracker responds:

Press the Up Arrow to double the game speed.

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Credits & Info

3.85 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2012
10:23 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense
  • Daily 2nd Place July 11, 2012