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Creeper World: User Space

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Creeper World: User Space RECRUIT 5 Points

You showed up and completed Training.

Creeper World: User Space CADET 10 Points

You graduated from the Academy.

Creeper World: User Space CAPTAIN 25 Points

You have earned a Command.

Creeper World: User Space ADMIRAL 50 Points

You are truly worthy. A Commander of Commanders.

Author Comments

Twelve awesome and highly original missions come your way in this latest episode of Creeper World. Boil away the blue menace yet again in these exotic and carefully crafted environments.
And oh yeah, press the UP ARROW for double speed... if you think you can handle it.
Conquer the twelve. This ain't your grandpa's Creeper World....

Game Instructions
Mouse to build from menu.
UP/DOWN Arrow to change game speed.
P to pause (can still queue commands while paused).
Play the tutorial mission for instructions.

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Really? How the fuck did I stumble across this shit? Damn you 'You might also enjoy...' Well, there goes my productive evening. (I actually had stuff to get on with, you know?)

I remembered playing this game while I was playing BTD6. The thing I remember the most was that I found it to be particularly difficult, I wondered if it truly was or if my young early-teens mind was just unable to keep up. So I came back, read the help section to remember the controls, and unsurprisingly it was just me being unable to keep up back then. That being said, as I was playing through the levels I noticed a distinct slow increase in difficulty both in unit interactions and map complexity that felt natural, something that I believe is a quality that separates skilled game designers from not-so-skilled game designers. A characteristic that I've only seen successfully done a few times in this genre of games, most notably the original Plants Vs. Zombies game. As of writing I'm about halfway through the game and definitely will be finishing it. This is a wonderful little classic RTS tower defense game that is really worth the hours of gameplay it provides, I give this 4.5 / 5 stars. The only reason my rating isn't a full 5 stars is because the soundtrack is a bit lacking and gets quite repetitive but don't get me wrong though, the music fits the theme of the game perfectly and I'm sure the reasoning is somewhere along the lines of that this particular type of music wasn't very prevalent in 2012. Whatever the reasoning is you made a highly enjoyable that holds it's own even 8 years later, good job Knuckle Cracker. :)

2020 and im back

been playing since the begin and i still never get bored

i am weak