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Author Comments

This is the prequel to my RD2010 entry, Robots.

Witness the life of a robotic unit prior to the extinction.

Subtitles are available by clicking the S in the top left corner.

Both this song and the song from Robots are available to buy from itunes and Amazon.

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Talk about a sequel not living up to the original. Or prequel. Whatever. There was a point to the first one. "Kill every living thing that moves". Epic just following of instructions right there. But this, not so much. And I remember it, like 4 years later. This, I won't remember it very well if at all in a year. Also, any song that NEEDS subtitles loses some points just for that. Just like filmcow and his robot ice cream sandwich in "In This Box". Brilliant premise, but no idea what the robot's saying until you read the subs. I get it, they're robots, that doesn't mean you have to make their voices unintelligible.

I went to the kitchen after watching this and i realized i were singing "IT'S HYPONTIC, I AM ROBOTIIIC".

dude i don't even speak english

This was an interesting video you had for us.

So i really like this as this starts off there are some interesting stuff that get going right away, so for one very possitive point you show the effort to get things started in the right direction, and thats always a plus. So with flash movies like this one, its always nice to see the effort such as you have done with this movie. So this was an interesting video you had for us the music seems to go great with all the visuals. This is one of those flash videos that i wouldnt mind some subtitles to go with, just it would give it a nice effect especially with how the robot voice sounded and all, But i must say this was still a pretty interesting and entertaining flash vid you had going so i was pretty pleased with the outcome, A good robotic video just add some subtitles next time would be anice option You a hve a decent flash here, but there there is still some room for improvments even a few little things here and there, but in the end it can only help you and make your flash much better and again in the end more enjoyble for all who see it such as myself. i did enjoy what you have here now just would like to see more effort all around, so good luck with all that.

And here we are once again in the improvment area, and before i do get to that, its a decent flash submission youhave, but could use some fixing and cleaning up on areas, Some of these ideas will do greatly on this whole piece, and i do look forward to seeing some upgrades and improved details, so give it a shot. Now I mention Subtitles only because its nice to have for viewers, cause sometimes something might be missed, just a little something extra that will make a better flash and such. and having some subtitels and it does have to be much just a little text at the bottom so its not distraction to the flash and or game, and it can go a long way, try it out you will notice it does go a long way with the viewers and fans

koit responds:

Great and all but you keep mentioning subtitles, yet in my description it tells you how to access the subtitles built into the movie.

Press the S top left corner !

Song is good, its little bit spaz, but thats supposed to be, right?

very good song but the only problem is that the general animation can be more detailed but then again its still very good