Pip the Robot: Trapped

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As this is a video submission I can't put a link on the robotday logo but I'm supposed to make it go here: http://www.newgrounds.com /collection/robotday2012

This is the 3rd episode of Pip the Robot and this one is a follow up to 'Button'

Pip is trapped in a room based on 'Relativity' by M.C. Escher which possesses some weird gravity. He's being monitored by a couple of Robots in a control room. What are they doing? Just one more mystery for Pip to solve... although he has no idea what's going on.

I was working on this cartoon before I made Button but preparing the room took a very long time so I slotted button in as a prelude. Go and watch Button first so you have an idea of what the Button 'does' although it's not essential.

I've made this one longer than the previous 2, however when I started it Pip still couldn't change his facial expressions, although I have since refined the design and next time you see him he will be expressive!

I'm Excited to have this finished in time for Robot Day and I hope you all like the character, there's loads more I can do with him. For an insight you can like Pip on Facebook at facebook.com/PipTheRobot which I update regularly.

Pip will return in Noirbot, which is currently in the pre-production phase.


I liked it I guess. I'm grading this as a standalone project.

The technology was good, but I didn't like the sounds of the neck-parts moving. It reminded me of a dentist drilling into my teeth.

The animation was good, but I doubt any art went into this. I feel like a person with a third-grader capacity could animate this.

I am not sure about the relationship between the green robot and the setting.

The ending was pretty much a non sequitir to me.

The best I can compare this to is the new Mickey Mouse's playhouse. There's no real story, just an animation engineer showing off the characters. Don't get me wrong, it was good, but even children these days cheer to what little mileage Disney they can squeeze out of their characters.

The whole chasing scene was boring. The commands didn't make sense. The little trap portal made even less sense since this gravity labyrinth seemed to be more of a test chamber than anything else.

Why didn't the purple robot shoot the other one? There was no reaction, just turning around and running away. No time to compute, no warnings or "halt." Just a simple change in direction. Snoresville.

You could have done more with the gravity rotation. I mean, he fell down steps in a gravity controlled environment? Come on.

Zictor responds:

Thanks for your review. I understand what you're after and I realise that my technical ability is far superior to my writing abilities, but this is why we have a review section right? I'm going to take on board your points, and learn from them, the next one will be better, that's how it goes. I've set myself a real big challenge in the fact that I've got to tell a story without using any form of dialogue, that and I've strung together what started out as animation tests about a year ago.

I'm intending on making longer episodes with self contained narratives in the future, next up is Noirbot which will continue on from this, originally conceived the idea from something I thought would look cool but I'm working hard on making a story that makes sense. If it doesn't work at least it'll still look pretty.

3-D! Happy Robot Day! Good animation and music.

Happy Robot Day Zictor :D

I had no f-ing clue what was happening, and It was awsome.

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This is great!

The 3D models and the textures look amazing without them being too complex, the first thing that came to my mind is how clean the animation looks, its pro.

I'd love to see more episodes

Happy Robot Day!

Zictor responds:

Thanks man, spent a long time studying and experimenting. Really liked your toon too as you can tell from the review I left haha.

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Jul 10, 2012
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