Pip the Robot: Trapped

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As this is a video submission I can't put a link on the robotday logo but I'm supposed to make it go here: http://www.newgrounds.com /collection/robotday2012

This is the 3rd episode of Pip the Robot and this one is a follow up to 'Button'

Pip is trapped in a room based on 'Relativity' by M.C. Escher which possesses some weird gravity. He's being monitored by a couple of Robots in a control room. What are they doing? Just one more mystery for Pip to solve... although he has no idea what's going on.

I was working on this cartoon before I made Button but preparing the room took a very long time so I slotted button in as a prelude. Go and watch Button first so you have an idea of what the Button 'does' although it's not essential.

I've made this one longer than the previous 2, however when I started it Pip still couldn't change his facial expressions, although I have since refined the design and next time you see him he will be expressive!

I'm Excited to have this finished in time for Robot Day and I hope you all like the character, there's loads more I can do with him. For an insight you can like Pip on Facebook at facebook.com/PipTheRobot which I update regularly.

Pip will return in Noirbot, which is currently in the pre-production phase.


meh i actually found this quite boring should of made it more interesting

Awesome short again!

Wow, I love watching this - the way that you've put in such a lot of effort (and with quite a sizeable team, I might add), to get this far, with some frankly brilliant animation, nice sound effects, a zany plot and that little something that just makes it work. I guess you could call it a soul, but I'm not drunk enough to come up with philosophy like that on the spot.

I love the sub-plot with the controlling robots, which seem to be conducting a social experiment on Pip (poor guy), while throwing things into this maze, to force him to make snappy decisions. Such a good thing that robots can't feel pain, otherwise he would have experienced a lot of it by now, just from falling down the stairs.

It's a crying shame that you only managed fifth place, because this deserved a lot higher. For such a small file, relatively speaking, when you consider the quality and the presentation, I still want to see more than just a short of it, which is where my main issue comes in. Hell, I'd love to see a 20 minute episode of this for Xmas, instead of reruns of Wallace & Grommit. That's what I'm getting at, this is the sort of thing that the kids will love.

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Zictor responds:

Thanks again for your review. You're in luck with the Christmas Episode, however it won't be 20 minutes long that would take my entire life away haha. I'm currently rethinking the current direction they're going in as its becoming a really complex story so bare with and I'm trying to simplify them! Also if you go visit the other places I post stuff you can see more progress as it develops. I've just given Pip facial expressions which is on my youtube now! Go check it out! Haha.

Wheels + Stairs = SOL

well done one of the best 3d animations i have seen on newgrounds keep up the good work the one this that did not make sence was why that robot did not shoot the minnie gun hand of his but hay dident take away from the story so good job

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Sweet little Robo, nice work !

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Jul 10, 2012
6:16 AM EDT
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