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Pip the Robot: Trapped

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As this is a video submission I can't put a link on the robotday logo but I'm supposed to make it go here: http://www.newgrounds.com/collection/robotday2012

This is the 3rd episode of Pip the Robot and this one is a follow up to 'Button'

Pip is trapped in a room based on 'Relativity' by M.C. Escher which possesses some weird gravity. He's being monitored by a couple of Robots in a control room. What are they doing? Just one more mystery for Pip to solve... although he has no idea what's going on.

I was working on this cartoon before I made Button but preparing the room took a very long time so I slotted button in as a prelude. Go and watch Button first so you have an idea of what the Button 'does' although it's not essential.

I've made this one longer than the previous 2, however when I started it Pip still couldn't change his facial expressions, although I have since refined the design and next time you see him he will be expressive!

I'm Excited to have this finished in time for Robot Day and I hope you all like the character, there's loads more I can do with him. For an insight you can like Pip on Facebook at facebook.com/PipTheRobot which I update regularly.

Pip will return in Noirbot, which is currently in the pre-production phase.

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00:17 Nice Escher Stairs.


A very good submission. I like the story telling here. No words are being used, but we still can follow the story with ease, since you chose to present the scenes in a very "calm" way (and by "calm" I mean that there aren't any unnecessary changes in camera angle, like Michael Bay loves to do it).

Also, Pip the Robot is a very charismatic main character. If you can say that about a robot anyway... but it's nice to follow Pip on his adventures.

The only thing I didn't like where the reflections on one of the robots in the "control room". Of course, the idea of adding a reflection was pretty nice. But it didn't change when the robot moved, so it looked more like a part of his painting than a reflection.

Anyway, overall this is a very good submission.

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Zictor responds:

The reflections do move, it's all 3D with a reflective surface so whatever object moves also reflects the movement. Might be the perspective or something that confused you but I assure you the reflections move haha. Thanks for your review and look out for the next part!

As weird as my mind - so it has to be atleast a good one =D

its really cool but some minor adjustments should be good enough for 5 stars