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Robots vs Zombies 2

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Here is a next chapter in Hero Tower Defense series - Red Storm Defenses. With Tower and Weapons, and new tricky maps.

Happy Robot Day! =)


very fun game 5/5

Going to be writing as I play.

Possible typo in the tutorial. It says "You must to save at least one core." This doesn't make sense in the context. I think it's supposed to be "You must t̶o̶ save at least one core." However, I could be mistaken.
Minor typo: At the end of the tutorial it says "Good luck, Commander!." The period at the end is unnecessary.
Another typo is under the skills category. Bounty Hunter says "destroing" instead of "destroying."

It never explains what UP stands for but I figured it out eventually.

I didn't know that, in the first level, different tiles didn't do anything. I thought maybe the gray tiles with the stars did something special but they didn't, they are just for decoration.

In all of the descriptions for weapons and skills it give the stats for each particular item or skill. There are a lot of stats that I'm unsure of what they mean or what they affect. I suggest making a guide for each stat (critical, core damage, splash, etc.) describing what it does. Adding on to that say what each category (missile, global, AC towers, laser towers, etc) refer to.

I am unable to sell or upgrade any of my Light Artillery Towers.

Oh gosh, the freezing is annoying.

HP is useless because it never goes down. I've walked through enemies unharmed no problem. The Boss doesn't even hurt me.

Seriously what does "splash" mean? And what's the difference between Area and Range?

Overall it's a great game. I know it's good because I've wasted nearly half a day playing it, lol.

Just fix some of the glitches, make a guide for the terms used, and maybe have a beta test it out just to look for typos.

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Badim responds:

Tnx! I`m now fixing it =)

pretty good game if you ask me

i found a useful glitch
1.-activate in option menu, the press SPACE to send next wave
2.-keep pressing alot of SPACE, u will gain a lot of UP(updgrade points)
3.-reapir the door with UP alot, to prevent the zombie pass through
4.-free UP points lol

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Wow this is a really good towerdefence, i love the exp stuff, all the weapon upgrades you can buy for your robot and the skilltree is just wonderful.

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3.89 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2012
5:50 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense
  • Daily 3rd Place July 11, 2012