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Cyber Hell 3

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Author Comments

The never ending battle between good and evil rages on through the scrap heap that used to be a line up of celebrity robots. You're evil again this year. Happy Robot Day.

Arrow keys - move Damian
A - knife attack
Z - move on (when you see a cross button)

Some opponents can be easily chopped in half and some cannot. If you get stuck I suggest you repeatedly smash your head into the nearest wall until an idea pops into it! You have but one attack... there are only so many possibilities for what a solution can be.

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Well, since I cannot beat the boss, that shows I am a noob at Cyber Hell 3. But since this game is animated pretty great, that is a 5 in a half star!

Good game though how to beat R-X?

ok guys dont desesperate on boss, i beat it and with some timing optimus and robojesus are easy, to destroy optimus arm you must throw at him 6 missiles and yo must make 6 hits to break his leg after that optimus will fall to the floor and try to destroy the planet with a giant laser beam
, YOU MUST DESTROY HIS HEAD BEFORE HE CHARGES HIS ATTACK ad after killing prime you will fight robojesus, he only takes 1 hit, first robojesus will charge at you and you must hit him in that precise moment,dont worry about the saws on your feet, they dont have the time to appear if you quickly hit robojesus


can anyone please help me with how to get secret medal "stealing is fun"?