Little Boy Episode 7

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Little Boy Episode 7 - Little Boy the Mystery Solving Ghost

Little Boy returns in a thrilling seventh episode. Now a ghost, Little Boy turns his hand to solving a mysterious mystery of why a woman has lost her face and arms.


Ok. There is alot of room for improvement in this animation. The audio, animation, background, and comedy was all terrible. A way for your animation to be better, would be a lil less sloppy charecters and smoother animating, it was all extremely choppy and each frame that would go by would be pretty obvious that little work was done in making it actually look like he was walking other than levitating to place to place. Also, this is just a comment but, who pees two streams of piss? Background needs more work on too. You should try to reframe to use single colored backgrounds with a line through them. Make the floor and wall look different to get a better look when making animations. Your audio was probabaly the worse out of it all. You need to spend less time yelling in the microphone and more time making it sound even. Half the time, I tried to not pull my earphones out when it would change from quiet to extremly loud. Lastly, your Comedy it self was also pretty bad, you shouldn't of made it with random stuff just happening, that is sometimes pretty funny, but in your case, I found it dumb and pretty annoying after a couple seconds in the flash. I hope my review would help you in your later animations.

Zero out of Five.

im sorry but i while i was watching it , i couldnt even tell what was going on

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2.40 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2012
12:02 PM EDT
Comedy - Original