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Fort Blaster. Ahoy There!

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Blaster 5 Points

Destroy 20 explosive barrels

Cannoneer 5 Points

Shoot 100 cannonballs

Fumbler 5 Points

Sink 20 cannonbals

Marauder 5 Points

Destroy 20 crates and barrels

Merciless 5 Points

Kill 20 enemy soldiers

Glutton 10 Points

Complete Food collection

Skeleton 10 Points

Complete Bones collection

Thug 10 Points

Complete Weapons collection

Shinies lover 25 Points

Complete Jewels collection

Fop 50 Points

Complete Clothes collection

Mighty pirate 100 Points

Pass all levels with 3 stars

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments


What if you are a pirate? What if you have a big ship and cannons? What if you see an enemy fort? That's right! Blast it! Ahoy there!

Blast enemy soldiers within their forts! Destroy everything on your way to the booty!

Earn achievements and collect the entire collection of trophies!



Use your mouse to aim and click to shoot.
Move mouse cursor over game borders or use arrow keys to scroll game screen.
'R' - to restart current level.

Latest Update:

Thanks for your comments. The game has been just updated with few issues resolved.
v. 1.0.7
1. Fixed situation when you can lose after you have won and has no ammo left (often seen on level 23; supersonicasdf, thanks for noting this).
2. If you played the game being not logged in on NG and obtain any achievement, they are now counted on your NG account after you login to NG and start the game next time.

Thanks for playing!


angry pirates :)

Level 19, went to switch weapons and it auto fires - lame

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All I get is a gray screen after the Armor Games logo.

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koseki responds:

Ups, I failed when uploaded the new version. Now it should work fine.

And angry birds is a "clone" of castle crashers. Seriously is some dumb ass gonna say this every time a new puzzle shooter comes out?!?
This game is awesome. Music is funny. Fun game play. You didn't cut any corners either with the collections and stuff to make if more fun.
2 complaints. One the mouse scroll. When Im trying to set up certain shots it scrolls the screen on me. Is there any way to lock that.
Second I wanna shoot that shark! ...so I guess thats only one real complaint.

Reception: 3/5

The game looked good at the beginning we received a quick intro and comic like cutscene which is nice and you don't see it often in a what is as I presume an arcade like game. Also your main menu screen is polished and looks good. As it is an arcade like game and I see the effort you pulled off for this game I acknowledge your introduction as a succes.

Story: -/5

Alas no real story except for the beginning the comic like introduction scenes are decent enough for an arcade like game so for story I won't view you as there is no real story in arcade games.

Graphics; 4/5

The graphics looks splendid and as mentioned by others before seem to be exact like Angry Birds
only is this around pirates and soldiers.Nevertheless splendid job to give us a nice visualization and
effects. A job well done
(side note: Angry Birds looks a lot like Crush the Castle ( or the general idea ) so don't punish him for making a game like Angry Birds it's an arcade like game and those all look alike the only thing he does is bring it in a new idea but with the same gameplay like feeling and looks.

Audio: 4.5/5

Splendid audio from the effects to the background music ( and of course the pirate themes )
Not much to blame here maybe ( If it is possible and your making a sequel to this with some new ideas ) add maybe some more and different sounding pirate tunes or make us able to choose which one we want ( maybe like from Pirates of the Carribean ) maybe not a classic theme there but we all know it.

Gameplay: 4/5

Gameplay like I mentioned above is like Angry Birds ( we all know that game ) still it's dressed in a new jacket and that's what makes it a bit different easy to pick up gameplay no stiffness or problems the aim is accurate and precise and well think before you shoot it's arcade like gameplay cause it's with the classic point scoreboard but maybe that gives a twist of nostalgic value. Not bad gameplay but looks like other arcade games ( it's not meant bad ) this makes it easily understandable and ready to play but at the same time it ain't renewing to the arcade games or not entire much but maybe that's not the reason of this game maybe it's just to pass the time and have a fun new arcade game like Angry Birds on the pc.
If you make a sequel crack up the gameplay a bit with some renewing ideas if possible it's not a must just that makes a game different from the rest the will to come with new ideas.
Nice info screen and understandable with every new weapon you get.
Also the restart feature is nice ( you can instantly restart sometimes with arcade games you gotta wait till the end to restart ( still that was the case in the older days ) not anymore.

Extra: 4.5/5

A lot of nice extra's, achievements, collectibles , scores you can send , newground medals.
This will make you wanna get them all and be able to play a few hours till you got them all.
Anyways nice work nice's extra's and totally worth it, good job.


If you wanna play a game like Angry Birds but in a new jacket and have the same addicting experience as AB then this is a game for you the collectibles and additional extra's will keep you playing for a few hours, no real story though ( arcade like game no real story needed ) yet we get a very nice cutscene at the start at the game. Audio is superb as are the graphics. gameplay is not renewing but that's not a big issue ( yet again arcade ).

(Great work Jamaykaman and Koseki) if your making a sequel or wanna launch this on Iphones ( and such ) try your best it's like AB but I don't think the public will mind that much your idea ain't totally renewing and looks like the a lot mentioned AB but still arcade is arcade and I wish you the best of luck in the future.

Cedan Abyss

***** NOTE ******

I'm Cedan Abyss i'm reviewing games and movies on Newgrounds ( as I'm totally bored )
I give honest and builded up critics about games or videos and I'm not here to mock or destroy your games or videos.

Story: /5

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Credits & Info

3.74 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2012
5:47 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed
  • Daily Feature July 10, 2012