MLP:FIM Fall From Grace

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In the earliest days of the great land of Equestria, there lived beings of great copacity and power. Beings that desired to bring peace and harmony to all who lived in their kingdom. With their magnificent powers, they had rejected the ways of Chaos and took harmony into their wake.

With the birth of their three beautiful children, harmony was sure to last forever. However, things are never as they seem. A great power was soon being awakend, and Order was sure to eclipse the land.

In this short animated fan fiction of the ever growing show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" we will see the rise of Order in the land of Equestria. But at what cost?

We Really encourage everyone who draws and or animates or even produces any means of art to keep following thier desire and to not give up. Many beleive that animating MLP characters is extremely difficult and is impossible for just anyone. I say Nay to that, and as a means of proving that nothing is impossible, we are posting our Flash file to this animation for anyone to download and study if they would like.

Just give credit where credit is due, and please dont try to pass this as your own (belive me its happened to us before). Just keep following your dreams and never give up. Cheers and happy animating!

Project File (Free for Download):


Animators: Cody & Dylon Valjalo
Time Taken: 3 1/2 weeks
Systems: Flash Macromedia Pro 8
Music: Final Fantasy Dissidia Intro
(Takeharu Ishimoto & Square-Enix)
Layers: 331
Frames: 3769
Duration: 2 min 37 sec. (157 sec.)
Story: Sarah Jones, Cody & Dylon Valjalo

Special Thanks: Reinier Espendez Jr., Sarah Jones, Mason Howard


so cool

this makes me want to go punch a baby in the face

you did a terrific job on the script and animation well played if they actullay make this the best episode(s) or movie yet

hehe that was pretty cool short, not gonna lie but what i really wanna know is...
what was that music you used at the start and end? i swear i heard it before...
i wanna say its a soundtrack to something

How did you do the focus perspective shot?
I never got that nailed down and pretty good short man

LessThanNormal responds:

All it is is just tweens with blurs. One tween will be blurred while one will be focused, and at the exact same time one will unblur while the 2nd will blur. Senario

Layer 1 with circel object is blurred (representing it is the closer object)
Layer 2 will be the square object unblurred (representing the focused object)
At the exact same time you make a key frame on frame 10 for each object and tween it to frame 20
Make a motion tween for each layered object from frames 10 to 20
On layer 1 with the circle object, scroll to frame 20 and make the blur effect 0
On layer 2 with the square object, scroll to frame 20 and make the blur (any blur strength will do depending on how much you want blurred.)

You now have a focus blur effect. The flash file for this short is in the description if you would like to reference it.

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Jul 9, 2012
1:19 AM EDT