Personal Trip to the Moon

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For anyone that might be in need of it, I've uploaded an offline version here:
Featured on the frontpage! All of you are awesome, thank you so much <3
Daily 2nd Place. Thank you all so much for playing and rating my game. Also thank you for all of your feedback.
Fixed some bugs, changed compass key to "C" for convenience and avoiding bugs, other minor changes
(If you are having performance issues, try changing the flash quality setting, close some background programs and other flash apps or upgrade your flash player. I hope this was helpful)
If you find any bugs or have other problems, please e-mail me or send me a PM

Arrow keys _ Movement
Space _ Interaction
C _ Compass
Num+ _ Volume Up
Num- _ Volume Down
Num0 _ Mute Sound

a video game about dysphoria and astronauts

"Personal Trip to the Moon" is an experimental game about exploration and discovery which serves as a psychogram of a gray wasteland and its inhabitant.
It's a game about finding yourself 384400 kilometers away from home.

Music: "Une chute sans fin" by "Another Moon" (S&eacute;bastien Lombard).
Special thanks to azrafe7 and everyone from the FlashPunk forums.

"Personal Trip to the Moon" is the first game I have ever managed to release and as the title suggests it is a very personal project.
Any kind of feedback is highly apreciated and please keep an open mind while playing. Thank you.


I suppose this could have been the point, but it felt like I was mostly finishing this game because I felt like I had to. I find that games like this are becoming more frequent in the freeware/flash side of gaming; that is, games that explore some personal trauma or ordeal of the creator. This is a very good outlet for those sorts of stories, and while no one's troubles are more or less significant than anyone else's, some of these kinds of games are better than others purely from a player's standpoint. With this one, I felt compelled to complete it not because of the gameplay itself, but because you do warn us that it's a very personal thing to you.

Though the point was obviously to explore, with some degree of interactivity, your world and possibly your problems, this game did not beg to be played. The gameplay itself (not the message) was uninteresting, slow, and heavy. Even flight felt heavy. Perhaps that is a mechanic you included deliberately, but it certainly did not give me any incentive to keep playing from my own merit. I felt myself playing for you, which is not something I want to feel while going through one of these games. I want to play this game because I feel compelled to see what happens, not as a favor to you. I think perhaps in future games you should consider what compels an audience to play a game... or what compels you to play them, and try to include some of those elements.

For instance, the exploration hardly felt like exploration at all. Follow the arrows to a destination, press space a few times, rinse, repeat. I can see that you wanted to include flight as much as possible, but the destinations were not really much worth flying to. Nothing except short stints of cryptic dialogue to whet my appetite. It has all of the basic skeletal elements of a game: exploration, good music, good story, mysterious or strange characters -- but these things all seemed to fall just short of one another, creating a disjointed game.

Many reviews say the story and message are beautiful and sad, and I agree. This review is no critique of your personal trauma, your poetry, or the story. This review is purely one for gameplay. I just find myself wishing that there was a little bit more. More detail, more gameplay, more variety.

I guess, in the end, I just feel like the game didn't do you or your personal story any justice. I played this game for you because you put your neck out there and opened up this private part of you to the whole of the internet. I did not play it because the gameplay was good.

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I quit after a couple seconds of walking painfully slow to the right. Petty, but the truth.

VOEC responds:

Then you missed out on all the fun (and painfully, agonizingly slow) flying around space. :)
It also might be so slow because of performance reasons, I'm sorry about that, but I sadly can't do anything about it.

The idea was quite good but i thot gameplay was too slow, flying felt like it took forever which i guess was part of the idea but made me want to stop playing very quickly! Liked the soundtrack tho!

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Great idea. It needs a little more and it almost moves too slow overall, keep working at it.

I don't like this. I've played lots of art-games but this just doesn't do it. It is trying so hard to be an art game, but there is little to the story and the gameplay brings out even less. I felt like it tried way too hard to be deep, but ended up stranded on the shallow surface of the moon. Plus the very slow gameplay made it a bit of a drag. On the plus side I liked the tv-effects, and I felt like this could've been a good game if you changed the purpose and brought more up to the surface. I don't feel like this deserves as much credit as it has gotten, but I believe you can make something better in the future - and I can't wait to "play" it.

Oh, and to "Razorfire", one doesn't need to make games to know what's good. I hate when people use that as an argument. "Lets see if you can do it any better", is what you used to say as a child.

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Jul 8, 2012
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