Personal Trip to the Moon

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For anyone that might be in need of it, I've uploaded an offline version here:
Featured on the frontpage! All of you are awesome, thank you so much <3
Daily 2nd Place. Thank you all so much for playing and rating my game. Also thank you for all of your feedback.
Fixed some bugs, changed compass key to "C" for convenience and avoiding bugs, other minor changes
(If you are having performance issues, try changing the flash quality setting, close some background programs and other flash apps or upgrade your flash player. I hope this was helpful)
If you find any bugs or have other problems, please e-mail me or send me a PM

Arrow keys _ Movement
Space _ Interaction
C _ Compass
Num+ _ Volume Up
Num- _ Volume Down
Num0 _ Mute Sound

a video game about dysphoria and astronauts

"Personal Trip to the Moon" is an experimental game about exploration and discovery which serves as a psychogram of a gray wasteland and its inhabitant.
It's a game about finding yourself 384400 kilometers away from home.

Music: "Une chute sans fin" by "Another Moon" (S&eacute;bastien Lombard).
Special thanks to azrafe7 and everyone from the FlashPunk forums.

"Personal Trip to the Moon" is the first game I have ever managed to release and as the title suggests it is a very personal project.
Any kind of feedback is highly apreciated and please keep an open mind while playing. Thank you.


It's hard not to appreciate the detail in this game, though the sound was slightly laggy

Good animation. There's more of an interactive movie than anything though. It's not what I was expecting but it's still a good flash animation. I took a bit more off because it seemed too cliche'. Add in a mute button and the ability to space through the ending bit and you'd get 3 or 4 stars from me.

VOEC responds:

There is a mute button. Press 0 on the number keys to mute, + to increase volume and - to decrease volume. It is explained in the description.

The whole message and everything that was set up in this game were great. It had interesting sounds and a cool gritty vibe to it. i like watching the things take place and fully consuming the message... What I did not find in this "game" was game play. It was an interesting short story but I was honestly looking forward to a game. I just walked around grabbed 5 things and was done. It was interesting but didn't really excite me or truly inteest me because most of the game was me just watching it unfold. I did hardly anything.. I followed a compass to easy to % easy to reach items and that was it. I didn't learn the challenges of suicide i didn't learn the challenges of transgender. I walked around being fed information. Like i said it was a good theme good set up but there was virtually no game play or excitement. i just wish I could have been stimulated more. If this had ood or atleast challenging game play i would have given it a 5/5 but I cannot do that because quite frankly I didn't have fun.

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Dramatic vey dramatic I love it

Its just beautiful. The pixels gave it the personal touch of imagination and pain mixed together in one person

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4.00 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2012
5:42 PM EDT
Adventure - Other