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Personal Trip to the Moon

rated 4.00 / 5 stars
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Jul 8, 2012 | 5:42 PM EDT

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Author Comments

For anyone that might be in need of it, I've uploaded an offline version here:
Featured on the frontpage! All of you are awesome, thank you so much <3
Daily 2nd Place. Thank you all so much for playing and rating my game. Also thank you for all of your feedback.
Fixed some bugs, changed compass key to "C" for convenience and avoiding bugs, other minor changes
(If you are having performance issues, try changing the flash quality setting, close some background programs and other flash apps or upgrade your flash player. I hope this was helpful)
If you find any bugs or have other problems, please e-mail me or send me a PM

Arrow keys _ Movement
Space _ Interaction
C _ Compass
Num+ _ Volume Up
Num- _ Volume Down
Num0 _ Mute Sound

a video game about dysphoria and astronauts

"Personal Trip to the Moon" is an experimental game about exploration and discovery which serves as a psychogram of a gray wasteland and its inhabitant.
It's a game about finding yourself 384400 kilometers away from home.

Music: "Une chute sans fin" by "Another Moon" (S&eacute;bastien Lombard).
Special thanks to azrafe7 and everyone from the FlashPunk forums.

"Personal Trip to the Moon" is the first game I have ever managed to release and as the title suggests it is a very personal project.
Any kind of feedback is highly apreciated and please keep an open mind while playing. Thank you.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

So beautiful!

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Seems to me that this game is about an introspective journey through "space" (probably comparable to one's own subconscious) with the goal of retrieving a female persona long locked away in an unreachable place. I don't know what was going to happen with the ending, though. Was the female character going to commit suicide?

As for the game itself, the animation was done very well and the writing was spot-on. The music score chosen could not be more fitting. As per the "story", I'm the type of person who likes to have some type of closure at the conclusion of anything, so the ending to this game irked me a little.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I broke the moon...

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

This was great. *applause*
Loved the art-style, loved the music, loved the journey.
Seemed very emotional, I'd love to hear about the process of you creating it, and answers to some questions I have like. "What made you want to make this?" "How long did it take to make this?" "Where'd you come up with the title?"
Overall, fabulous experience and this is the reason I continue to play games. To capture this feel.
5/5 - Would play again.

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VOEC responds:

Thank you very much. I will try to answer your questions :)
- "What made you want to make this?"
Mostly pain and hate. I was suffering from a deeply rooted depression which almost ended my life. I needed a way to vent my feelings, something to express them, so I made the game.
- "How long did it take to make this?"
Almost exactly one year. But I worked on it on and off, depending on how I felt, so the actual work time was probably only about a month. In that last 12 months my life changed drasticly (to the better), so while taking a journey of my own I simultaneously created the journey in the game (which is the same thing).
- "Where'd you come up with the title?"
I don't know, really. When I made the first stuff for the game I already, definitly knew that the title should be "Personal Trip to the Moon". That is the only thing that hasn't changed one bit since I started making it. I choose it perhaps because it is a personal game, it is about a jouney/trip and the moon always had same special meaning for me, but I can't explain why.
Sorry, that the answers turned out to be quite grim, but they're honest :(


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Normally I like these, but I've seen this exact same concept before. (Google "Inside a Dead Skyscraper game" to find it). Once that novelty was over, the game wasn't that interesting aside from finding all the pieces. I wish you had more locations with meaning to visit, because that was the coolest and most touching part of the whole game to me. I feel like the previous game I mentioned had more impact on me, however, but it was shorter. (The feeling of WEE flight! was more well done in it as well.)

I also felt the ending was too long-winded. It was nice poetry, but I wish I could just use spacebar to read through it. I can read faster than that, and I know that at some parts you had to time it with the video, but other times it would've worked fine. I actually found myself browsing through other tabs waiting for a line to fade away.

Overall if you'd have fleshed this out more and made it more gratifying to fly/more things to discover (exploration was not rewarded, in fact the slow flight time made it a pain) I'd have not cared that this concept was done before. However, it wasn't really improved enough for me to think this above average. I'm sorry. =(

Although, I encourage you to do more stuff, because this was still a good distraction, it just needed more to it. =)

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