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UPDATE 3: ir/rational has made the front page with 45,000 plays in under a week! Thank you everyone - and keep your eyes peeled for announcements in the coming months!

UPDATE 2: Walkthrough available here: http://blog.tomjubert.com /2012/07/irrational-walkt hrough.html

UPDATE 1: Made 10,000 views and the Popular Games list in 24 hours! Thanks to everyone who's played!

Argue the toss in a twisted tale of logic...

In ir/rational you complete, create and discredit arguments by selecting propositions and filling in the blanks. It's a puzzle game based on propositional logic, and a graphic adventure all in one - only here you don't so much need to escape the room as prove why you'd even want to.

- Unique, language-based argument system: formulate logical proofs to progress through the game

- Dark philosophical comedy by Tom Jubert, writer of Penumbra, Driver: San Francisco and FTL.

- 10 screens and roughly half an hour of intelligent, challenging and inventive gameplay

- Musical score by award-winning composer Mikko Tarmia

My website: www.tomjubert.com
My narrative design blog, Plot is Gameplay's Bitch: blog.tomjubert.com

- Click to progress story
- Complete the arguments by selecting options from the drop-down menus

NB Some systems don't display all the dropdown options at once, and you have to use the arrow keys to scroll.

If you can't see the right answer, chances are you can resolve the problem with the arrow keys. Hope it's not dampened your enthusiasm!


man the ending was such a let down

First I loved the dark ambient atmosphere, and music. I also liked your concept of having a text a based logic game. However here is where I run into the first serious problem.

The language is murky as hell, and hard to follow. It seems like it is trying way to hard sound sophisticated, and intellectual. Only to end up shrouding its intent. Turning the problem less into a logical one, and more into a convoluted word play. How am I suppose to disprove your argument, or point out a logical fallacy in it when I don't even know what the hell it is your trying to say!

Second what is with the logical gaffs in a "Logic" game? Lets take the first real question for example. "I would like the lights to come on", and then its answer "If I would like the lights to come on THEN I should press the switch". How the hell is that logic? Its a crass ass assumption especially considering our character has amnesia. For all he knows it will just kill him, or maybe maybe not even work.

Also it doesn't stop there the second question had a even bigger logical gaff in it that actually makes answering less about what is logical, and more "hmm I wonder what the creator wants me to answer". The second question is find the assumption in the statment "many people believe a perfect god exists" the correct answer "a perfect god exists". However I am going to say that is not the actual assumption. The actual assumption is "many people believe...and that belief in not in error", and that struck me as the correct logical choice, but it wasn't an option. So instead I could only choose the assumption that YOU the game maker considered correct.

Now that wasn't to big a problem on that question as you could cycle through all the answers until you get it right by default. However on the next one where I had to prove that I could breath oxygen. It quickly degenerated into a nightmare of my trying to discern the exact phrasing that you wanted me to answer your moon logic word problem with. Any semblance of fun, or my interest in the plot quickly vanished.

You are obviously very talented, and I understand trying to get around problems like this can be an insurmountable nightmare when designing a game. But please PLEASE try harder in the future as I would love to enjoy your games in more thought out, and actually finished format.

Also on a side note the level select was a wise choice, but still a little cumbersome. You might want to consider adding a skip button in the future. Overall let this wordy review summarize my passion for this experience.

TLDR version

great sound, and graphics. Nice atmosphere.
Great potential for a re-released product.


Moon logic
Have to follow the game makers train of thought.
Murky language(hints actually make it worse)
Mind bogglingly frustrating as a result. So most will not enjoy the full experience of the game.

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Great overall game (I loved Penumbra, so I immediately knew I'd like it). The levels get a bit annoying, since at some point I just started putting them in random orders in hopes of getting it right, but the story itself was well thought out.

So here's the thing. People are confused by this:
Because they think it's all one line and the G over the 2 M's is all one symbol, like putting a letter over another letter is some kind of operation. You could make it clearer by numbering each line the way the lines were numbered in all the other puzzles, like this:
1. G
2. M->(G->A)
3. M

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Incredibly difficult! Anyone looking for a challenge needs to play this. However, the ending wasn't very fulfilling.

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Jul 8, 2012
6:59 AM EDT
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