Da Binding of Izick

July 7, 2012 –
August 19, 2019
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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Izick jumped down 2 da unnown depths belo

In all seriousness, this wasn't my favorite animation as I was making it. I have bigger and better ideas floating around in my head, and I just wanted to finish this.

However, I ended up liking the finished product, so I hope you enjoy :)


it made me lol xb

thats fucked up XD me and my brother cracked the fuck up its so damn funny!!! BTW!! my dick fell off

I love this thing xD and its true he touches it and rip isaac lol

Funny cartoon man, now I wanna play the game goddamnit

he figurous this all ouut now

ahahha i like when he said what the fuck i had a basemet in my room under my rug

Really funny. I must say, i love your work Piranha. I really enjoy em. Have probably seen all of yar animations. Keep this kinda stuff up :D

HAHAHA! funny at the end.


This is amazing.

What the fuck his head hurts!

I really liked this but I wish it was longer.




I love you and I love you

hilarious! it's weird that ppl would review without understanding the context of the animation, but w/e haha. very enjoyable, but could've been a little longer with more jokes on the game. i know, a little nitpick but w/e.

the singing in the background killed me. xD great job! :D

i don't get the hanger part but be sides that i think this is pertty funny


pretty much the game. but an animation.

it puts the hanger thru his skin or else he gets the hose again hahahaha

2 Things (one cup)
1: I got so bored one doay, I got t5he backroung music of this animation and put it on audiosurf! I am serious!
2: I love the way everything that is true in this animation. Really funny.



Saw this on Ed's site ad had to track it down! Yeah, that's right man, Mcmillen thought this video was pretty rad! Kudos!

Fuck,my ears!

True Story!!!

I lol'D hard at the End

Shopkeeper ftw!

BTW. Great Musicspoof!

I agree with streebackguy,

I believe the actor does need to be convinceing when it comes to pain and being frightened. It would cause more funny towards the sadisitc side of humor in pain. Also, the quality was good but it could be better. The animation, as always, is great. I would also like to see much more length, much more time into the parody. It would host a better effect as being entertaining, instead of being a teaser. Also, I hope to see more Binding of Izick parodies.


Well, the voice actor wasn't bad in some parts but he needs to be more convincing when in pain and frightened, just from what I can hear. The animation is pretty good but needs to have longer length in my opinion to flesh out more opportunities for content and parody.

Overall very well done though, and I hope to see a "Da Binding of Izick 2" pretty soon.


wait a minute we had trap door in my room

just bought the game.
it better be good :D

really funny background music was kinda weird though

it was fking awesome but it was so short T_T,,,

Lol, quite funny and so true, because the first thing you do with a coat hanger is jam it trough your head to make you cry more.

So fukin cool

that was cool

wats with the creepy background sound?

Just like the real game. No more to say.

great. nothing more i can say.
well... except for awsome!!! first binding of isaac parody i have seen and I gazed upon it and it was good. keep it up kawaiipiranha!

Relization in 1.2.3 "WTF"

I'll give you a 8/10 just for pure uniquity. Period. The voice over was an averag guy, which totally sent it over the top, totally. Pure brilliance. I only wish you could have made it longer without dragging it out.

Lol poor isaac when he gets his first item!

Good animation, found it quite funny. But I fucking hate the Binding of Issac. Seriously, the asshole who made it and Super Meat Boy can go jump off of a cliff.

I love this so much LOL

I HAVE WATCHED THIS OVER 9,000 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!! -true story-

Lol such a fun game

It was okay, too short and didn't really find it that funny. But I got the game after watching this and now I'm addicted to it.

Hhahahahhahahaa...omg,totaly The Binding of Isaac....I realy liked the game...Sure hope there will be a part 2 ;)

"la la la la la la la"...... This alone made me watch this a good 3 times

If you dont get it, play the binding of isaac

I dont know why but i laphed so hard at this >w<

So... Isaac binded with the clothes hanger? What was that thing hanging from the ceiling? Did he even get out of the basement? ..... What an odd animation.

Im scared after this. Its great. Let's go watch some salad fingers animation.

I always though that isaac voice was more childish xD

:D the most awsome movie ever!!!! 5 stars!

BWUAHAHAHAA!!! thats awesome, wish i had a basement like that! his reactions are great, made me crack up!

This is amazing! And you pretty much voice everything that I wondered whilst laying this game.

This movie is EPIC...
Seriously,it is very good ^^
I am waiting for the movie , where Izik is falling into the womb after beating his mom's leg...
Why her heart is big like a leg?..

That just about sums up my entire experience with Binding of Isaac. Damn I hate Greed. That little bitch. Nice flash by the way. Voice acting was okay, and the animation was fluid.

That's my basement.

"This isn't a normal basement at all!"

DA FUCK!?!?!?!?

Entertaining and mildy disturbing. Enjoyed it, thank you for making it.

The Binding of Isaac's gameplay is not meant to be taken literally, it is all in his imagination and so the base joke of this flash is pretty pointless.


wha how is this i didnt this isnt an ordinary flash. its.....EXTRAORDNARY!!!

For being too short short film...
Make more. :)

haha wow this is funny xD

got Binding of Isaac today... absolutely did not find it special or anything, didnt like it so much personally...

But i LOVED this... ;)

LA LAAA la lalala lalala lalalalalalala LALALAALAAA!

Super short but I hope you make more. Good job.

had a really bad day at work today, usually never happens...but i just got home and watched this...as short as simple as it was it made me lul so hard thanks :D

excellent once again, still no reappearance of that green guy from amnesia: a dick descent, which I requested earlier, if you remember

Voice acting is great, hilarious plot. Short and sweet. Keep up the good work.

too short , not funny , shadings a bit off

In the 6 years I've lived in my house, not once have I ever lifted up my rug. And now I'm afraid to. LOVE it!

i feel bad now D': it was good though

LOVED it! :D

Haha!! "woo--WOO! OMG" That sounded so realistic.

I was laughing one second in just because if the music. Pretty great to be so short. And MISheidon was right, you do have a really appropriate voice, which is strange to say.

Jolly good show chap! Loved to voice!

Hahahaha, it was funny, I specially liked the voice. It was quite short so I give you 4 (Four) stars.

Hahahaha, short but funny

Nice job man...one tear xD

Ohh this was funny!

i always wondered what kind of idiot puts a coat hanger through their head


I Honest don't give 2 shirts about length :D I loved through and through, Awesome as always Petey :3

Once agian needs ta be longer.

Dude this was pretty funny but way too short but other than that i like it so HAVE A SCHTICKER

Agree with the comment below me. This feels like it was shorter than a "short" - 4 stars for that. I was ready to start laughing... and then it ended. PS: Are you trying to sell something at the end of your video? That was ALSO too short - I couldn't even read it!

If this was longer, more like an episode, I would have given it 5.

Nice! But try to make them longer!

Not very funny.And that's not a bad thing.This is more like watching torment than comedy.

MY REACTION AFTER WATCHING THIS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3ALwK eSEYs

You just keep on improving KawaiiPiranha! It's amazing how much you have improved in just a single year.

Moar. No seriously. This (I think) is the first Binding of Isaac video on Newgrounds.


i dont know what I just saw random to the maximum the ackground noises were giving me the chills!


everything shown in this video is true and i just noticed that the game that i played is more sickening then i thought

You should make the part when he goes inside his mom

lol the background song made me crack up

Haha. Funny. You should really make a series about how a Isaac run can look and feel like.

well, duh. your mom's a phycopath wat did u expect?

Someone needs to make an animated series on this game just like this but longer. lol omfg this is funny

for making this i give you 5 stars

loved it just the little kids in the background kinda got annoying but plz make more

Haha, short, but funny. I liked the voices and animation quite a lot.

I loved it, made me laugh Please make more. Its hard for me to find any vids on here that I like.

Love it! I've been playing this game since release and got wrath of lamb aswell. I totally get this!!! Awesome =D

Had me Going from starting to end <3 Lulz I expect to see more of this from you soon !


some nice stuff man nice animations and voice acting

This isn't a normal basement at all T.T

it took me 5 minute to stop laughing

rofl the shit squashing sound made me shat myself laughing

if I could explain this movie and compare it to the game in 2 words those words would be "so true"
oh and great vid i give 5 stars :D

it was great. i laughed my ass off.

hey dude below me its a parody what ''plot'' are you taking about it was made to make you laugh not to make you overthink

The animation is good, the "plot" and the voice acting is weak.


Loved it, was great.. Literally just learned about the binding of isaac today through youtube, gonna buy it soon.. Great animation (y)

very funny! please more

One expression ......... lol hahahaha good video ;)

This is hilarious lmao.

Two words... Love it!

funny as hell lol;)

Ah good one!
I was waiting for someone to do this!

Wish people made more of this, maybe make this a series, im sure it would be hilarious!

It was great but we didn't see what happend's whit the other things in the game.And why is one of the tags meat?

The Clothes Hanger is what was used for abortions. I think the creator of the game was implying that, but I'm not completely sure. Keep it up, man.

this isnt a real basement :'(

Its definitively not of you're greatest flash....but still looks great atleast :/
here are some reasons why I gave you two stars
- I AM A GIGANTIC FAN OF TBoI, so after seeing this really had nothing to do with the game i was disappointed.
- The game is really sad game game so after seeing this because it was a comedy
- This flash is just to short even for a "short"
Overall 2/10 0.5/5
Ps. you're animation is still top notch as always and nice try with this flash :D

I love the lady singing in the background! XD

I would love for you to make an animation of Issac going through the basement and collecting items with this same style.

LOL XDDDDD I love it. The true behind the tears.

kickass. This is how I feel he would really respond to that horror house.

Binding of Isaac in a nutshell :D

Nicely animated, but it was little too short in my opinion. Great job nonetheless.

LOL This is what binding of issac really is...

hahahaha that was awesome! I was hoping it would be a little longer, but either way you get 5/5 for pure awesomeness

haha, nice one i actually beat moms heart 2 time today!

Hahaha, I love this! 5/5! :)

So that's why he cries lol

master piece

LOL, amazing XD



Loved the game, nice short!

That was close to my reaction when I played the full game. Nice animation :D

i laughed pretty hard animation was good but it could have been a bit longer
but i love the end line "THIS ISN'T A NORMAL BASEMENT AT ALL!!!"

"huh owowowowowow goddammit! owowowowow howed id didnt even would howed the wha- ahhhh! this isnt a normal basement!"

Great game. This flash summed it up exactly.

This was funny. Fucked up what they did to him but oh well never touch a floating object.

Normally I don't write a review to just say my feeling at the exact moment, I grew out of that sometime ago...but I feel the words, being said while laughing, that I could not stop saying as the video came to a close, some up my feelings of the video in a feasable review...Please read the following words as if you were laughing
"Holy shit, wha...Holy shit..."

this kicked ass make another one

good binding of isaac tribute. but add a part 2 where isaac fights a basement boss (gemini,monstro,larry jr.etc.)

Wow, this is one of the strangest flashes I've come across in awhile. I think the main thing that made it so weird was how there's just no resolution. Hopefully, in that thing you mentioned, it is going to get better or at least more understandable. I like how you have a knack for truly bizarre stuff. I do appreicate the really good voice in this. This seems to be how anyone would react in a situation like this.

I couldn't help but be reminded of some of the stuff by Edmund McMillian (I think that's his name?). It's just that the guy in this looked like a fetus or something. At least it's quite unpredictable. It really makes you wonder what the heck's going on. That's sure to bind someone.

izick plz
i liked it, but is short :/

Oh isaac your life will always suck. Thanks for making this :)

He Touched the Coat Hanger then this Happened:a Dead Hanged Man Appeard in the Light.Creepy huh?
then he Cried LOL

was funny but short if it was a bit longer it whould have bin better

Just like the game lol

It feels like a cheep laugh. It could have gone with a much more thinking through. Instead of playing on the gats strengths, or being witty, Izick simply highlights said gag. Leaving much to be desired.

Ultimately, it falls into a massive stack of video game parodies that simply point and ask "Isn't it silly!?!?" I strongly wish it was more fleshed out, as the main selling point for this work is the obnoxious tone in which the gag is carried out in. Nothing more came from it, it was there, but nothing happened with it.

Moreso, the work shows a serious lack of understanding of the source material by taking on a mood that is not conductive or reminiscent of the original work at all. Its like fanfiction, it technically contains all the same things as first left an impact on you, but instead its less like the original thing that it ever could be. Now I am not saying KawaiiPiranha should go make Binding of Issac. I am saying that KawaiiPiranha lost most, if not all of his potential in this work, casting issac as a stock character, instead of playing him as someone who could actually somehow be recognized as Issac instead of an whiny teenager.

Crying, silent Issac coming across a coat hanger, and promply deciding that the best way to use a coathanger is to ram it through his head, with narm reminiscent of Happy Tree Freinds would be bloody hilarious. Wangsty Teenage Issac complaining about a coat hanger telefraging him simply lacks he any impact whatsoever.

Lastly, The work simply felt like it did not get any love. Which makes me wonder why it was made in the place of something which would have gotten said love.

This wasn't really funny, but the animation was decent. Let's see some more effort in your better Ideas!

Lol...Funny. Good job.

That was very good ! But too fast, maybe you should continue your parody until the first boss, or make servals episodes !

Your Writting

Please stop just pulling the first idea out of your head before making a video game parody. Don't just become a sellout, because that seems to be the path your heading towards and are already on. try some other jokes that aren't parodies. Be original, or use simple setups for jokes other people and shows use, there's nothing wrong with using a same joke as someone else just make sure you use it in a original manner.

other than that Twisted4000 pretty much summed up my thoughts.

- i played the game, and didn't make me laugh.
- work on keeping proportions right, even with if its a quick project. And especially with the simplest of shapes. doing a beginning, middle, and end frame first won't hurt you.

- don't use so many "what is this?" and "why?" jokes they drag on and get old fast.

i'm not trying to be a dick, but you keep making the same mistakes, and seem to allow your easily impressed audience and easily obtained awards to make you think it's alright to make badly written animations so long as that's what the common folk want and gets you views.

<deleted> responds:

See this is actually something I agree with. HONESTLY, I do not think I deserve as many awards as I've gotten. I feel like people are way too easily pleased with my work on newgrounds.

I'm not going to pretend I put a ton of work into writing this because I really didn't. I just wanted to do a quick parody, similar to the way Ukinojoe does his parodies. It just ended up being a bit longer.

I appreciate the way you put your comment though. You didn't come off as being a dick, you came off as someone who had some good advice, but wasn't afraid to be a little harsh. I appreciate it, I really do. I'm still learning so It's all part of the process I suppose. I need to sign up for some art lessons. I've basically taught myself everything I know about drawing/animating, and I feel like some classes could really help me out.

Thanks ^^

But in my defense, I don't understand how it makes me a sellout to produce things that are generally received positively, that people like. It's not like I'm sitting at the computer and saying "i bet this'll make a shit load of money". If I wanted to do that, I would have made a minecraft cartoon or a CoD cartoon. I made a BOI cartoon because PERSONALLY, I love the game and wanted to make a quick parody of it. People have different senses of humor. I understand that this isn't your style. From a writing perspective, yes, I didn't work very hard on this. From an art perspective, the character is simple and I didn't do much to expand upon him. From an animation perspective, there were some size inconsistencies, but it's a hell of a lot better than my cartoons from a few months ago.

So yeah, I can see where you and twisted are coming from, but I also have to respectfully stand up for myself and say that I work pretty hard. I'm improving slowly but surely, so just give me some time. Hopefully at some point I'll make something you like.

Before I start, let me just clear up that from your response to my review on one of your previous videos, I don't leave negative comments on people's submissions to "act superior", I just do it to share my thoughts, which is what the whole point of reviews are in the first place. I just didn't find this enjoyable.

First off, like some other people are saying, yes, all the jokes have to do with references to the game itself, and no average person who has not played the game would find it funny. You can make game parodies and still find ways to put in some funny moments that everyone can enjoy, but I didn't see any in this one.

Usually your videos have at least a couple of redeeming factors, but I don't think this one did. He just sort've talked and explained everything he was seeing, then the coat hanger stabbed him in the head, and then he started crying and then it just ended, I really fail to see how this was funny, even for people who played the game.

For visuals, some of the frame-by-frame was okay, but the drawings were extremely simple, and like usual the character kept losing his proportions and symmetry as he moved around, and no, that's not a "style" unless you're purposely trying to make it look like that (for some reason), otherwise it just shows that the animator needs to learn to be more consistent with the drawings.

I didn't really want to review this, but seeing that so many people are going "wow, look at how many videos you are pumpin' out so fast, you're amazing", it just goes to show that you are not taking much time with these things, any animator could make videos as fast as this if they just rushed it.

<deleted> responds:

It's totally fine to find that that's your opinion, but I'm honestly trying. I'm sorry if you don't like my cartoons, I really am.

But a lot of people DO like my cartoons, and I'm trying hard to appeal to everyone in different ways. I'm really just getting started in all of this. I've never taken any classes or anything so I'm trying to learn it all on my own. I'm gonna respond a bit more to the guy above me, so you can read more there if you wish.

awesome and wtf

Aw come on man xD I really look forward to this video xD Why you make it so short? xD I WANT MORE!!!! Love how you made it ;) MAKE MORE!! I want to see xD And The Game is awesome!

Well that was...fucking weird, but good at the same time.

HAHA. Nice, I never understood why he stabbed the clothes hanger into his head :P. well animated and nice audio. Background was pretty decent and extremely funny so you win this time :D.

Five out of Five and mothers knife.

Also @sweetcommando

1. Wrong, it doesn't show up only after defeating a boss, clothes hangers can show up in shops, secret rooms, and in the star room or whatever that room is called that gives you one powerup.
2. Wrong again, He shows up in secret rooms and the store on any level but its set up random so i could see how you'd mistake it for only being in the caves.

XD this is not a normal basement at all

lol This isn't a normal basment at all.
One of the few movies that made me actually laugh.

not very funny. there was also a lot of mistakes.
First mistake: you get a coat hanger after defeating a boss.
Second mistake: the hung dude appears in the caves.
errr... yeah thats not a lot of mistakes actually but for a short as video it something

Really nice man! Just wish it was a bit longer, great animation and nice voice acting :D

the lighting is a little bit off, but overall it is good! just a little short! keep up the good work!

The part at the end where you tell us to buy the Iphone app or whatever goes far too quickly to read. It would also help to credit the creators of the game it's self in your Author Comments. Other than this though. I lol'd .

loved it lol :D

yes....just yes..

The animation's good, though I didn't find it very funny. Binding of Isaac is a great game, though.

I could not stop laughing, great work!

I started laughing when the guy hit his head for whatever reason. From there my face remained passive because I had no idea wtf was going on.

Lol.I have to agree fully on this.That basemen is FUCKED UP!!

I'll be frank.

I really don't see how this funny, or how this really reflects the game whatsoever. Now I will be honest, I have not played the game and thus I'm not aware of how accurate this is, but I don't see what kind of joke there is. I mean, lemme get this straight. I've watched other videos and may have not have known the source material whatsoever, but I still found it funny. Those videos had a base level of understanding that allowed me, a casual passerby viewer, to enjoy. This does not contain that - the joke here is most likely exclusive to players of this game - which gravely reduces the entertainment value of this piece.

There's no plot, no point, and the video cuts off abruptly at the end. I understand that the latter is a humour technique often used to finish a punch line but there is no punch line, there's nothing particularly funny. If anything it's only slightly horrifying when he gets the hanger stuck in his head. That's the only thing I picked up from it.

On a technical standpoint...

The animation is decent, better frame by frame than I can pull off, but the drawings are quite inconsistent. Keep an eye out for that.

All in all, it's not terrible, but really not great either. I would recommend working on your drawings (I see this a lot with other artists and yourself), consistency, and most importantly - having an actual purpose. Without the latter, nothing else even matters.

A bit too short but really funny

This was amazing, I have been playing this game non stop for the past few days and I realized the same thing, "How the hell didnt you notice the trap door in your fucking room"

Awesome job, I loved the voice acting! great animation as well


Very Short But Very Good at the Same Time.

Always a fan of your videos, well animated, quick, and to the point.

Hahahahahahahaha, Nice! :)
Crude, hilarious, and a happy ending.


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