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Luigi's Adventure Ep 7

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This is the 7th episode of my flash serie.
In this episode I experimented with some things, like more actionscript codes. Making better use of the sound/music sync options.

I also figured out how the 'spacebar mechanism' works.
I have to admit that the music still isn't the way I wanted it to be in the scene were the special fighters return to the princess.

But I hope you enjoy the episode and I hope to get some feedback/reviews on this video.


when is ep 8 coming out?

dbzmf2 responds:

I finished the animation 1 week after I uploaded episode 7. But Flash is being an asshole. My program can't save anymore for some weird reason. So I can't put any music in it because it shows an error message when I want to save the file. It's a big bummer. So I'll see what I can do, because I let flash be for what it is the last month.

The sound effects are touch notch!

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Much better with the text boxes! And the click controls made the episode more enjoyable. But the background music DOES run together when the special fighters return to Peach's Castle.

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I really enjoyed this episode of yours! Although I didn't like all the sprite changing with Luigi, but the animation was really good. BWill Ness return in the next episode? But amazing work!

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dbzmf2 responds:

Yeah the sprite changin with Luigi has actually bugged me from the first episode (a little bit). But I got used to it and it doesn't bug me so much anymore. But I understand what you mean.
***And Ness?? You'll see him in the next episode. But his return to Luigi I can't tell for sure, because it depends on the amount of frames I'll be using in the next episode. ***
I'm glad you enjoyed the episode and thank you for watching.


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