BioCage 2

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In Biocage 2, you have to evoluate your green virus to be able to fight against the ennemies (red and blue viruses). In this shooter game, evolution is very important. Between each level, you choose which direction you want to give to your evolution.

On Biocage 2, you control the virus with your keyboard and you aim and fire with the mouse.

16 enemies, 16 rewards (with perks), 8 upgrades for your virus.


Overall Good game, Time consuming, fun factor and upgrades are good. I think the amount of difficulty is perfect for a game like this especially when it gets higher.


.....that's really the only part I raged at. I upgraded speed only and it seemed to keep me far away enough to stay alive. What got me to the next round was that lucky kill that dropped the nuke-like ability, which in turn dropped a buttload more of abilities, and all was well.

As far as movement, I really just see this game as an extreme cat-and-mouse: you'll find yourself constantly going in a circle to stay alive. "I'm at the virus skating rink, except these other things are trying to kill me", I thought.

Controls are unique for the game. They work. Angles are not hard at all: Just constantly hold one direction down then press another direction a shabaam! You're doing angles and dangles.

Why 4 1/2 stars (because it really should be a 3 or something)? Because that song!!! OMGOODNESS, I love it. I don't know why, but I do.

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its suppose to be hard, just like the first one. do u really think being a virus is easy? this game is for the hard core like me.

Good idea but extremely hard to navigate and fire rate is too slow.

Good idea for a game...

- Leveling is far too slow for upgrades vs. enemy progression.

- Movement seems unusually weird compared to other games that use the same key format. Whenever I want to move in an angle direction, the two keys seem almost to fight for dominance rather than working in tandem. Thereby causing very chaotic and unexpected movements causing you to lose out on dropped boosts.

- Death is extremely final. In games like these where death is fairly frequent (especially at beginning levels) the loss of all upgrades and having to start completely over is quite disappointing. More so when you're working with a very low level progression vs. fairly fast enemy leveling.

- Bonus pop-up rewards seemed to be based on Luck. I've played a few games where I didn't get any rewards for 2 or 3 levels, and some that I was getting 7 - 8 on a level, then nothing. And with the flaky controls, sometimes these bonus rewards are difficult to get, and by the time you can get to the reward you see it disappear just before you are able to acquire it. If you're going to keep the appearance frequency, at least make the decay on the rewards a little longer.

Otherwise, it is a recipe for a fun time waster if these issues were considered updating.

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Jul 7, 2012
12:59 PM EDT
Action - Other
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