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Cafe Rouge 3

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Author Comments

Visual Novel and cooking game. Chapter 3 of Cafe Rouge

Chapter 4 scheduled to be released July 23 2012

4 passwords to be found in Chapter Three (make sure to write down your password for next chapter)


I really loved everything:)
I hate cooking in game:D sorry but sometimes it is too hard to make everything on time:) Also when I want to play again (to find are there other passwords) it gets annoying:)

However I think that you made a great game:) Sounds are very in theme (don't know how to explain it):D But it sounds like it should be:D I love heartbeat sound shivering and everything else:D

Also characters drawn in a very beautiful way:D I love all of them:D And I like how you made emotions for them:) There was only on time in Chapter 1 when Isis got to nurse room when she fainted at that time she really looked scaryO_O like a corpseO_O... maybe you wanted that effect:D

Plot is intriguing for me, and I really love mystery and vampire themes:) The intro is amazing:) usually I don't like too watch intro but you're made me watch the full intro:D

I have a questions:) I hope you will answer:) Can you please tell how many passwords are in each chapter in description?:)

Also can you please make cooking a little bit easier:)

I really loved this game:) And I hope that after you make all chapters you could make the full game for download:D Cause I think this is INCREDIBLE WORK:D

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Yaaaay the third one! Keep making them! But i keep getting lost..a map would help?

i have never played the others games so i dont know if they told you what to do in the others because i had no idea ware to go or what to do then it asked me for a password for chapeter 2 and i dont know if it told me it in the dialog because i read like half of it and with all due respect it draged on for a long time and i dident see a password but the opining movie thing was vary well done but i could not do anything without the password and i was not going to shift through all that writing for a word but the game seems liked i must be the only one that dosent get it and for that im sory but if i cant play it i cant give it a good review

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I just made a newgrounds account just so I could rate this game/story. I really enjoy it and I think it was well done. I liked the challenge of making whatever that was in this one. It was kinda hard putting those little berry looking things on the jello looking thing. Sorry I don't know the name. I loved the twist in the end, that was not expected! The only thing I didn't like was the navigation.

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Alright, part 3, now let's compair and review. 3 is..abit off. The 1st and 2nd one was must better, but then again it could be the first impression thing. Though the 3rd one has some good moments, and funny moments. The head chef is awesome.

Now, artwork. it is really good. Nice details, however, I think two of the characters looks abit too must samilier. Plus their personalty different doesn't sound as must as it should. I am horriable at names, but I think it was the cheerful red hair waiter and the silent one seems samilier design. However could be just me. Good art-work though and characters for the rest of the part are unique and good design.

Music, now, the music is good, but didn't make as good as impact as did as the 1st and 2nd, though likely heard it enough to not to be good surprise. though since nothing really bad going on, been pretty cheerful though out. So could be just that moment in the story. Though I wonder about the sound effects though. I mean, you make an choose, and boom, makes you think ya just when to die. maybe make another sound effect, and have that one noise appeared up when you found or seen something you shouldn't have. though not an expert on music, but these are my thoughts

Mini-game, yay cooking. well, as a revive said on not knowing what's going on, maybe you should maybe place a paper with the object you should place in order. Though it makes it abit easier, though it is better then randomly guessing. Now, stirring, now it is very hard, even though you know what you need to do. Maybe you should have the hit areas for it to get effect to spin it abit wider. And now the decorate. having to place them on quickly. if you not fast it could be abit hard. though it ain't too bad. on that part maybe you should have the options to really do decorate it. Like given a good amount of time limit, having the limits you should place on it, and some extra things to add unqiue creative design to make it fun, and also to have the skip or ect when you have everything needed you can go right to finishing the minigames.

*note spoilders rest*
Now, the storyline. it is kinda like mid-point, nothing really big going to happen going on. Though makes you wonder what's really going on with the whole name thing on best friend. Makes you wonder what happened, and why it brothers him. Plus at the end, he seems so okay being called full name. Makes you really wonder. Also I expected the teacher to be an vampire, lolz at least that's a surprise. Though the teacher amuses me, that he pretty must has no idea what's going on half of the time, and troubling classmates. Though other then that, he ain't really must importion, though might not been though that far in the story. Now..when you can help everyone around. it was likely the most awark thing ever. you would expect it from the blond, but everyone else, it was kinda like that. Though also it make senses the reaction of the owner now, and the manger after seeing her. Since of the secret later on. Though it likely just slowly down abit on this part then good the next, so it's alright. Though it leaves me slightly disappointed however. We'll see the next one is better!

Alright in all, the artwork and music is find. The minigames is abit annoying, though beatable. The storyline is very slow on this one. Makes you wish more is going on. Though could be just a slow moment in the story, so I can't wait for the next one, and relive it ain't that long wait period. I ended up finding these novels yesterday just before this game relase today. woot..also, the password thing to coutain on and save you have orginally to the next. It is a simple and effective to coutain on with what you have, however, when it gets later on it be annoying like part 12, if you lost the password you gotta start all over again. Are you planning when you get alot of parts out or all, you going to put all them together? so not having to deal with the passwords?

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Credits & Info

3.79 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2012
4:10 PM EDT
Simulation - Other
  • Daily 5th Place July 8, 2012