The Fluttershy Experience

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Fluttershy is such a romantic. However, when things go out of hand who will save her?

A love story.

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drawing needs to change

video is okay but the drawing ^-^'

its 'okay' but i know you can do better because this is not even a movie its like a 2 minuet movie because she killed angel i gonna give it 1 star do better I KNOW YOU CAN STOP BEING LAZY WORK HARDER OK OK not to be mean but i do not know p.s when i put on caps i wanted to put caps i not ever thing else caps sorry ABOUT THE CAPS CRAP THERE IT GOES AGAIN oh im giving 5 stars because i dont know how to rate this its good and its bad

I saw some blood in the icon, and I thought to myself, "this is gonna be weird and creepy, let's try that." Forget the description, that almost always means nothing aside from notes by the author. So let's break this down.
A drawing of Fluttershy with her mouth hanging open, zoomed in and craning down past a very long horse neck until a knife in the drawing comes into view.
Picture of a bunny.
Back to Fluttershy drawing, then back to the bunny picture. The bunny's eyes have been scribbled upon, and is stabbed by the knife. The picture of the bunny is moved to the right a bit, off screen.
Back to Fluttershy, who is now smiling.
The word "Brony."

There is no animation. It's a video with two poor drawings, one modified to show two different moods of its subject, and the other a pony hoof with a knife. And a stock image of a bunny, of which the author couldn't be bothered to keep in the frame of the video the second time it was shown. Anything could have been chosen for the audio, and the word shown at the end seems to be an attempt on the author's part to mock anyone who got their hopes up for a good flash.

I can see where you were going with this, but you barely put any effort into it.

2 stars. The animation was, sorry to say it, amateurish. The characters needs movement, and not just scrolling down their body. And the drawing of the character, what was she called, Fluttershy? Em, also needs to be improved. And it wouldn't be bad, with some voices, but good choice of music. Don't take this as a negative comment, but as constructive criticism.

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1.69 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2012
5:00 AM EDT