Shop Empire 2

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The popular Shop Empire game sequel. With more booths, new facilities, a fun new parking system for cars and trains. But sadly also more clever thiefs that want to rob your shops! Build a bigger and better shopping mall, hire staff members to run the place smoothly. Shop Empire 2 is a detailed and free resource management game.

note: dont forget to set your storage option to be unlimited.
(right click on the game screen to see the storage option menu)


These games you keep putting out like Monster Tower, etc. are super addicting. I can't stop myself from playing once I start!

Music is a tad annoying, lol. But other than that I can't stop playing it right now. Thanks for a great game!!!

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This is the best game i played so far!

The best build-up type game I ever played! Amazing simplicity. Better than the shop empire 1, includes a lot of logical ways to upgrade aspects ingame. Very intuitive and enterteining. It is 5 stars because it has more good aspects than bad!

What I liked?
*Simple: It is simple as 2d games are. You play in a not so lagging scenario and build your mall.
*Strategy: Somehow you need to understand a couple of things ingame in order to get money or become richer.
*Variety: It has a variety of items: booths, entertainement, food and facilities.
*Logical: It is not fun if you are building something that exists (as a mall is) and you see crazy things happening, in this game you can enjoy of logical situations.
*Entertaining: You can spend one hour or days playing it and won't get tired of it. Usually I fav this game so I can play it more than once.
*Save game: The creator of this game made this game to save your savegames in cookies on your computer so even do you log off you would have them next time, great idea!.

What I didn't like?
*In order to get all the items you need to rebuild a mall center.
*The way to learn about your visitors is not easy and not so worthy and influencive to the game progress.
*Repetitive after playing more than one hour. See the same characters and so. Maybe thiefts have different skills, that's all.

For a next version I would add:
More buildings.
More ways to bring people in (limousines, busses, helicopters, taxis, airplanes)
Different type of buildings.
More type of workers.
Normal escalators
New problems (Fire, torments, huracaines, etc)
More realistic features about working hours (people should get home oftenly and full time work doesn't make sense for more than 24hs)
Different characters for workers when promoted.
Bigger transactions of money (at least 200k)
Buildings, accesories and more just available in some countries

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I have -50 money O_O still a good game

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4.25 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2012
3:15 AM EDT
Simulation - Other