-partners in crime-

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IMPORTANT--- You may see a white screen at first. Please be patient while the movie loads.

NOT IMPORTANT--- This movie was created for the intermediate round of NATA 2012. Once again, I tried to expand my horizons and do something different than my usual content. This time, I went with something with a bit more action and complexity in the animation, which is balanced out by the overall simplicity of the art.


not sure what everyone was meh-ing about i thought the animation was awesome... kinda like samurai juack meets mission impossible.. 5/5

It WAS a "meh" film.BUT I liked the animation and his partner was a CUTE little mouse!So...I still give it a 3.

Emrox responds:

can someone explain why everyone says 'meh' now?

The animation was pretty good, pretty fluid. But the storyline was only "meh" worthy. You'd think that the robber would find a different way in then just walking through the front door. Why was there only two guards in the entire building? I mean, you're guarding a safe full of money, don't you think that you should get more than just two guards? Or at least arm those two guards adequately. No guns, no handcuffs, no nothing but two blue shirts. No pursuit of the guy after he takes the money case? Yeahhhhh.....

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I like ze animation and art style very much. You could definitely make a series out of this if you came up with ideas for more complex crime scenarios. Keep it up :]

Eh. It was a good idea, but it could be improved upon.
There were some holes in the storyline, like security guards for a safe full of money not having guns, or them missing the elevator when they are running right behind them.
oh well. I thought it was still pretty cool. I liked the mouse.

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4.08 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2012
10:55 PM EDT