Sonic vs Rainbow Dash

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It was fun to watch you guys argue about fictional characters in the comments of the Trailer, but now that the real thing is here, I hope you all understand that this is just meant to be a funny web-toon and not meant to rage war on any fandom. So if you're going to send me hate mail, at least do the world a favor and kill yourself afterwards.
Hope you enjoy! :)


hilarious! but dash would win if sonic would not use the emeralds......cheater.

I thought the rivalry in the plot was well balanced/ written, as was the comedy/action elements. Everything clicked. Good show indeed! The graphics were a little jagged, but with all the cameo characters you had to animate, nnnot a lot of room for cloning or shortcuts.

This is really cool! Loved the whole thing.

theres just one problem with this...
u killed tails great going
but other then that epic job you deserve 4 and a half stars [- half for killing tails]

Im not much of a my litle pony fan but I wont be biased as I write the this review.
To start off,I had some problems with the animation,it felt stiff and and choppy, wither it was the copy and paste life less expressions you kept using,or the really awkward movements.Im guessing its because you tweened most of this,which gave it that feel.
As for the story,well you kept using the same jokes over and over again,I understand that Rainbow dash and Sonic are as fast as the wind and destroy and wreck everything they cross paths with,but it got old.you could have tweaked the joke a bit throughout the animation or at least come up with something new along the way as the animation went on,cause having them run across random unexpected characters and obstacles again and again and again,like 6 times gets kinda redundant,and predictable.

Overall the animation was choppy and should be more fluent,there are ways to make tweening more fluent,people like Max Gilardi does a great job at making tweening look FBF,also dont be afraid to try new expresions cause ive seen all of your animations and they all have the same pop eye and gasp mouth look,try something new thats wacky. Alsoo I cant say much for your story in this animation cause it felt like a fan fic lol.
But please dont take this review was an insult cause it isnt,its supposed to help you.and I hope it does. So please take it,I love you?

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MegaJamesStudios responds:

I... love you to?... So are you gonna go down on me first, or should I do you first?

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Jul 5, 2012
10:48 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody