Sonic vs Rainbow Dash

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It was fun to watch you guys argue about fictional characters in the comments of the Trailer, but now that the real thing is here, I hope you all understand that this is just meant to be a funny web-toon and not meant to rage war on any fandom. So if you're going to send me hate mail, at least do the world a favor and kill yourself afterwards.
Hope you enjoy! :)


sonic won

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Good god, you're really on a roll with these videos!

Premise: I should've seen this one coming eventually, and I don't think I'm the only one. Regardless, this video took the concept and made more awesome than it would ever sound on paper.

Writing: I'm not sure what the worst treatment would be for all those characters, although the amount of pain does sorta start out slow and work it's way up. I liked that you didn't let any one really win or lose and kept it up for debate on who would win. I also liked the ending, although I will admit that it was still predictable.

Voice work: Pretty good, I especially liked Rainbow Dash's voice.

OVERALL: As I said earlier, I should have seen this one coming, but I don't think I expected it coming from you. However, this turned out great, and I honestly can't wait for your next video to come out, especially considering that by this point, my expectations are really high. Do what you do best, and keep your PM inbox ready for ANY hate mail. See ya, man.



@ayjay dash wen she struck him with lightning so even though i thought sonic was gonna win dash got my respect

This was kinda cool. I don't see how the characters really compare when Sonic's whole deal is super speed and Rainbow Dash is just "above average" fast, but it was still sort of entertaining.

Here's what I liked:
-The art was decent.
-Many characters made appearances.
-This flash had good length to it.
-The music worked well with it.
-The sound effects were good.
-Rainbow Dash's audio was good.

Here's what I didn't like:
-A lot of the poses were pretty stiff and unnatural.
-Sonic's audio was really bad.
-The lines were cheesy.
-The flash wasn't funny which is what I assume you were going for.
-Spike, the only non-irritating MLP character, was absent.
-The ending was predictable.
-Your author's comments telling people they should go kill themselves was surprisingly dickish.

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3.67 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2012
10:48 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody