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Thanks for watching my first full length animation! Me and Nick decide to hack people.


Wow, also man I saw that in the guys first comment he said go to spazkids tutorials.. please listen to him. lilreadhead or whatever sucks and you won't get much out of him.
I'm just telling you the truth.

JakesTV responds:

Honestly when i made this one, i picked and chose what parts of lilredheads tutorials i wanted, I didnt follow all them. He does make good tutorials.

i give it one for pie :p

Ok, I'm seeing LITTLE improvement of your flashes, 1. You put an ending on it unlike your previous submission which had a loop. That was the only improvement. The flash was STILL a mess, the lip syncing was off, and at the ending, there was TWO replay buttons, you only need ONE. In other words it sucked less then your previous submission, which i voted 0.5/5 stars on.
Final rating: 1/5 stars

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JakesTV responds:

Well I'm writting a script for a new flash right now. I will have a full lengthed intro rather thann a 2 second thing. I will see if my friend who is GREAT at drawing draw the people instead of me, the text will look much better(hopefully) and the sound will be higher quality.

animation is awful, drawings and sound are even worse i would rather have a pie than replay that and that pie is poorly drawn

JakesTV responds:

I dont know what the problem with the audio was though, when i was testing it the sound was high quality but when it was uploaded it sounded like crap.

It wasn't horrible but it was not good. and the sound hurt my ears

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Jul 5, 2012
1:28 AM EDT
Comedy - Original