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I have no idea how, but somehow I came up with the idea for this game in five minutes. Since then I've added new themes, multiple soundtracks, powerups, and various game lengths.

This game works with Ruffle!

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Obviously not my cup of tea, but it seems nice regardless.

My biggest issue in my admittedly very short time of playing is just the tutorial.

Nobody likes tutorials, and especially nobody likes reading and memorizing through instruction manuals. The best of games teach their mechanics through the course of the game, or failing this, just introducing new rules AFTER you've grasped the previous one, rather than unloading everything all at once.

For such a game as this, I would wish that, in starting, the instruction manual appeared and guided the player through the process of the learning curve.

Kwing responds:

I get that. This game is pretty old, so the tutorial kind of sucks. Sadly the lack of animation makes it hard to understand how the cards are moving.

The gameplay is wonderfully simple and engaging. It feels very much like the sort of Solitaire game that I'd play while waiting for class to finish or something like that. Simple rules but it definitely requires looking ahead and thinking, keeping the mind engaged. My only real complaint about the game as presented is that there is no way to 'undo' a misclicked selection. That is, if I hit right, but don't actually want to use that card, I can't unselect it to pick a different one. A arrow-then-enter or arrow-then-space to confirm selections would be a little more user-friendly.

Kwing responds:

Thanks for the review!

Lincari is coded VERY poorly. I wasn't even sure I would be able to code it in the first place, so I went ahead and coded with all of my bad habits just to experiment. As it turns out, the game managed to be finished exactly how I had envisioned it, but unfortunately there's a whole 'identification' system I use for the two-move system such that it might be hard to code an undo button.

Woah, this is one of the most complicated games I've ever played before. I find it unbelievable how you were able to come up with this in just five minutes. I can't say anything good or bad about it, because it's too complicated for me to play. It definitley seems like there are people who enjoy this. I appreciate all the work they do for this game. You are one complicated dude, buddy.

I actually thought the music was nice. I had no idea something that looked so simplistic could be like this! It didn't have a lot of detail or anything, but had pages of tutorial! I wish I had some idea what the title meant. You deserve credit for making something so big.

Kwing responds:

After 8.5 thousand reviews, I think the quality of them is beginning to dwindle a bit. You didn't seem to mention anything about the actual gameplay, nor did you even touch on the graphics.

At its core, Lincari is a hybrid between a card game and board game, because the positions of the cards change. As you make each move, an entire queue will shift over in order to help replace the card you played. That's really the only thing someone could not understand.

It was very confusing when I tried playing this without looking at the tutorial here. I didn't know what the hell was going on. So, I had a look at the tutorial and things became clear. An interactive tutorial would've been nice or maybe some kind of a "video tutorial" where you show some scenes of the gameplay and explain what is going on.

Anyway, after I got the hang of this game it became very interesting. I like that you have to think ahead to develope a strategy and to maximize your points. I think economists will LOVE this game since it visualizes "consumer choice" quite nicely, heh. "If I 'consume' this card right now, I get 9 points. But if I wait one round and 'consume' the other card which gives me 1 point, I can get 18 points on the next round, since there's a multiplier coming up!"

Very nice. ;)

{ Review Request Club }

Kwing responds:

Thanks, the strategy was exactly what I was trying to incorporate ;)

Needs AI opponents.

A shame really, because it's a good concept, if a little confusing to get the hang of in the first place. I like the way that it looks and I can see that over time, this will become a very addictive little game, if it's developed from here.

Perhaps have an interactive tutorial, as opposed to the instruction book at the start, which was utterly confusing, even to an experienced card player, such as myself. You will pick these games up much better, if you play them and have the rules explained to you, as you need them and play alongside them.

Decent colour sets, decent sounds, perhaps a little thing in the layout could indicate which cards you need to click to finish a trick, just to make it more user friendly.

[Review Request Club]

Kwing responds:

I'm not sure what you mean by AI opponents or 'finishing a trick', so I'm not sure why you only gave me a 3/5 on this. The tutorial could have been explained better, I'll admit that. I'm not very good with the interactive thing, but perhaps an animated one would have worked.

I was at one point considering making a multiplayer version where you and an opponent took turns trying to score points and prevent the other player from doing the same, but i definitely don't have the skill to code an AI that will play cards strategically.