Super Treadmill

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Help Billy burn his fat by exercising on uncle Rico's Super Treadmill. Use your keyboard to control Billy.

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That boss fight at the end. also last level is on a train? FLOWING SANDS OF TIME!

The game's style was rather a bold one. There are many people out there who clearly have never grown up with old consoles who would just bash this game by first sight. And I'll tell you, this game surprised me.

The graphics of this game holds up really well. It is varied with beautiful colors and shows beyond of what pixel games is capable of when it comes to pixel art.

The game has solid soundtrack, it matches the gameplay, it's motivating, and it enhances tense

The gameplay does a good job of introducing this new concept of running and avoiding obstacles but combining other elements such as tense and pressure and it combines really well, resulting into a really innovating gameplay. A negative aspect is that the game is pretty slow in difficulty. It suffers great lack shallow leveling. It has really great controls. This game has the second best jump I've seen in platform games. The game is too slow when it comes to difficulty. It wasn't until level 9 where things got real. You overused the patterns in the game over and over again making the game repetitive and very tedious after a while. The static effects and AV tv death screens are neat designs but it stumbles the game making it laggy and unfairly tripping over the players. It would have been nice if the effects were part of the intro only rather than putting it to trip players over.

The final score for this game is 3.5 stars. Not one of your best but a really good one. It introduces an original and innovating concept plus gameplay but it lost it as the game went on with it's primitive and shallow level design. It has satisfying controls and mechanics and luckily the game's bugs don't turn to your favor. The gameplay is very tedious due to repetitive patterms. The art does a good job of demonstrating it's old 70/80's videogame style but perhaps it shows it too much, making it cloying. The static effects and the AV death screen tried gave it this feel of playing videogames in the old days with a buggy tv and its malfunctions but at the end it just tripped the game over, making it more buggy and annoying. The art didn't prove itself correctly. The game isn't really hard, just tedious and it did have a last appeal but not an outstanding last appeal. It's a really good and solid game. It's a valueable art piece. It doesn't reassure addiction but it is worth it for it's reimaginative style and it's shaking gameplay.

loved it

one word: awsome

Excellent game! The visual remind me Disney's Wreck-it Ralph game and the music is awesome!

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3.75 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2012
6:45 AM EDT
Action - Other