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A game that I have been working on for quite a while. And I was hoping to add some music. But, alas, I couldn't find any. So here it is.

Use your mouse to move around

I fixed the "Play Again" button and I made the game a whole lot
harder. Have fun.
:) Thanks


Yah, as Shinobody said, the text is too large for your textboxes. Could be a browser issue (Chrome) I couldn't even read the level numbers. I found the 'levels' concept to be annoying and break up the game. One 'endless' level where the difficulty increases would have been much better. You could have had a time counter and added 'checkpoints' at every 1 minute interval instead.
Also, adding in different shapes and rotations and directions of movement would be a really easy way to change this game from boring to fun, especially since this game type has been done many times before... you really need to add something new.

Im stuck on lvl 12 lol good game

It's too easy, like, REALLY easy. One of the easiest games I've played in a long time. It's pretty good, it just needed music and more levels.

Bad difficulty progression (some later levels are easier than the first one).
Number after "level" started being invisible after level 8 or so.
Play again button doesn't work.
Not impressive.

jampatbt responds:

Thank you for the criticism and in my update I'll try to make it better. As for the level number thing, it never happened to me though.


Simpel in the beginning, and the level changes brake up the pace, somehow crashed in lvl 14/15 when a big red block appears. Accidently hit it and the counter is up to 110 as i am typing this. No green circle/restart screen to see.

jampatbt responds:

Yeah. I noticed that when I was playing too. I tried all everything to my knowledge to fix it. But it didn't work. I'll try to fix it when I update it. But no guarantee's though.


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Jul 3, 2012
7:08 PM EDT
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